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First you need to download the Spring engine to play this game.

Games for Spring are ".sd7" or ".sdz" files. To install this files move them into (Unix) ~/.spring/games
or (Windows) "My Documents\My Games\Spring\games".
Use the "Reload maps/games" option from the "Tools" menu in SpringLobby.


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File Information

Title / Version NOTA 1.71
License Freeware / Free
Filename nota171.sdz
Filesize 37.92 MB
Date 10/21/2012 - 03:49
Publisher / Author PepeAmpere (Uploaded by PepeAmpere)


--- Not OTA v1.71 ---

NOTA is a TA themed mod designed for larger maps with to-scale units, fuel for airplanes, and more.

NOTA features more strategic play, more diversified unit types, and a slower tech/econ development.

NOTA games can be very quick, seeing only t1 units, or very long, ending with the appearance of incredible superweapons.


- LuaAI: Spacebugs - specific scenario enemy, space insect invasion (v1.6)
- LuaAI: N.O.E. ........- skirmish enemy (v1.70)
- KOTH mode ..........- scenario where players fight for specific territory (v1.6)
- MISSION: TTD ......- multiplayer mission (v1.69 alpha 05) (map Throne v1 needed)


------------ CHANGELOG ---------------------


- Zeus/Pyro gets + 10% HP (975 -> 1075, 620 -> 680)
- fix - Vashp sphere added into list of planes with big sphere
- fix - unitdefs_post.lua SPissue killed ;)

- NOE spawner fixed, now place the unit in height on given place, not in Y = 0
+ xAnt mapping!

- all missions prepared for lobby Single Player (TTD and Spacbugs .ini)
- media files, icons, descriptions for 3 missions
- file for using gadgets from unit_noe.lua - gadgets.lua
- file for own work with debug GUI - gui.lua

NEW SP mission: Spacebugs
- made and prepared the Single Player version of normal Spacebugs (need map Talus)

NEW SP mission: xAnts pathing demo
- one NOE tools promo showing pathing algorithm of ants




- killed heightMod lowering the AA shootdistance of:
....- Jethro/Crasher, Samson/Slasher, Hermes/Horgue, Crabe (1.1 -> 1.0)
....- Defender/Pulverizer, Panther (1.3 -> 1.0)
....- Swatter/Slinger (1.4 -> 1.0)
....- not AA weapons of - Peewee, Bulldog, Pyro , Spider, Anaconda/Snapper (1.1 -> 1.0), Maverick (1.3 -> 1.0)
....=> dont worry, no big change, we are back before engine change fixes, basic AA now works good as before (yes, it was weak a bit in last two versions)
....=> ship AA range handicaps stay
- fix - twice bigger build range for FARK to avoid repeating "tries" to build a building (60->128, now the same like Necro)
- fix - hellfish added in list of planes with big default spheres -> lowered
- fix - Avengers ground units chasing bug
- fix - refueling model collision bug (Spring 91.0) for Lancet, Titan and Firebat
- fix - Osprey's main gun and Flying Wing's MG cannot be forced to attack ground
- speedup of model spheres fixgadget


(only shortened list - full changelog here)

- lrpc's (Bertha/Intimidator) and blueLeaser weapons (Annihilator/Doomsday machine) added to Defence Tech2 nod buildlist
- more simple, slower and stupid expansion algorithm ;) for eco bots
- silly testing targeting replaced with planned new one
- every class of targets gets "static" = true/false value (for use in targets list) - prepared for a long time, but till now not used
- added new guard groups for safe expanding and conquering the territory for both sides
- enhanced rocko group (bigger) and added the equivalent one to CORE (doesnt had antiarmor, yet)
- upgraded "support-line" and "artileryCommander" spirit on planned levels (better copy move of the leader, stop arty when enemy close,...)
- many small changes in spirits, numbers, status and preference numbers
- new group - "stumpy-raider"
- new spirits - "cleaner", "builderDefender", "invisible-raider" and "heavySupportLine"
- new formation - "circle"
- added "standardLineZig" to replace "standardLine2nd" formation as secondary formation, all three (main, zig-version, 2nd) generated from +1 place, because save pos for leader
- leader of main attack formation gets better position a bit behind the lines
- new class - "lessDangerousGroundUnits" - containing all fat armored units (as targets for antiground air)

only fixes:
- additional units in eco groups now dont stay at base (only 1st unit was doing something)
- forgotten choosing from list of targets at "lightAttacker" and "raider" spirit added (old code killed), so attackers choose more targets now
- fixed start game sleeping of AI if not enough mexes around tower
- fixed energy stall if AI have to big metal income
- fixed some old mistakes and copleted missing code in "supportLine", "raider" and other spirits
- the annoying message about units there were not in any group is killed
- killed debug message about sleeping group