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File Information

Title / Version NOTA 1.681
License Freeware / Free
Filename nota1681.sdz
Filesize 34.47 MB
Date 07/20/2012 - 21:12
Changed 07/20/2012 - 21:14
Publisher / Author PepeAmpere (Uploaded by PepeAmpere)


--- Not OTA v1.681 ---

NOTA is a TA themed mod designed for larger maps with to-scale units, fuel for airplanes, and more.

NOTA features more strategic play, more diversified unit types, and a slower tech/econ development.

NOTA games can be very quick, seeing only t1 units, or very long, ending with the appearance of incredible superweapons.

------------ CHANGELOG ---------------------

v1.681 (hotfix)

- fixed underwater move bug of Triton/Crock
- speed of underwater move of all commanders, walking mines and underwater tanks adjusted, hard to say how much, but the move is now recognizable (depthmod=0.03)



- accuracy of static flaks (Flakker/Cobra) lowered (200->600)
- accuracy of mobile flaks (Phalanx/Sentry) lowered (1850->2200)
- Jethro/Crasher, Samson/Slasher, Hermes/Horgue heightMod handicaps lowered (1.2->1.1), = a bit longer shoot distance
- Defender/Pulverizer heightMod handicaps balanced to the same value
- ship AA/SAM rockets gets heightMod = 1.1 handicap => less effective a bit
- ship flaks get back accuracy atribute (with old value) => so more incaccurate
- Centurion (flying fortress) have smaller hitsphere, now 2/9 (22,22%) of old one
- Undertow and Sinker (anti-sub hovers) have longer range for torpedoes (420 -> 590) - (subs have still 550, destroyers 630)
- Tracker mincloakdistance set on 0 (25 -> 0) (easier planting bombs)
- Team Com End option working again (gadget added) + mobile commanders counted, too, as leading units that are needed to be destroyed
- Lancet and Titan (torpedo bombers) haver smaller hitspheres, now 7/18 (39%) of old ones
- 10x bigger brake rate for construction hovers of both main sides (from 0.006 to 0.06 and from 0.008 to 0.08)
- spacebugs Alpha montro (bug1), Delta Montro (bug2), Ultra Montro (bug3), Fatso Montro (bug4), Dust Bug (bug5) and Plasma bug (wormy) + Spore Tower and Hive are no longer affected by EMP weapons, becouse they not consist of metal and have no electronic parts, flying bugs are still affected becouse EMP jam their navigation system and montrobugs are affected becouse they consist of electronic parts (+ added own armor classes for all bugs and weapons using them)
- all AIs now choose random position in ally box, minimaly 1000 from border of map, if possible (so no need for set start positions before game now)

- added 2 commanders to unit_marker widget
- added widgets to gamefile from notapack:
. - cmd_fac_holdposition.lua
. - cmd_factory_repeat.lua
. - cmd_factoryqmanager.lua
. - cmd_stall_assist.lua
. - gui_advplayerslist.lua
. - gui_ally_cursors.lua
. - gui_build_costs.lua
. - gui_buildspacing.lua
. - gui_easyFacing.lua
. - gui_point_tracker.lua
. - gui_reclaiminfov099.lua
. - gui_selbuttons.lua
. - gui_unit_stats.lua
. - gui_xp.lua
. - snd_volume_osd.lua
. - unit_allySelectedUnits.lua
. - unit_comm_nametags.lua
. - unit_ghostRadar.lua
. - unit_smart_area_reclaim.lua
. - unit_stockpile.lua
. - ui_ron_taunts.lua (renamed)

- spring 89.0 fix (hitspheres bug)
- fixed gui_attack_aoe.lua agian (not finished yet)
- fixed Arm Command Tower force attack ground with AA weapon instead of antiground one
- fixed Plasma bug using his plasma flak against ground targets
- fixed Greyhoud weapons shooting bad targets
- fixed ground unit chasing for Avenger
- fixed force attack ground for Hawk, Vamp

- independent agent system, commanding struncture (group, supergroup, brain)
- modules - formations, groups, spirit programs can be easily redefined
- more then 10 formations
- speedable
- inteligent building system (buildmapping)
- strategic mapping
- graphic debug mode

- about current status of AI development - (features, bugs, not finished things, ideas):
- nota bughunt -