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File Information

Title / Version NOTA 1.44
License Freeware / Free
Filename NOTA144.sd7
Filesize 10.38 MB
Date 06/01/2008 - 01:09
Changed 01/04/2011 - 18:37
Publisher / Author Thorh3 (Uploaded by Thorh3)


--Not OTA v1.44---
NOTA is a TA themed mod designed for larger maps with things like to-scale units, fuel for airplanes, and more.

------------ CHANGELOG ---------------------

v 1.44

-Added "Tracker" Infiltrator Kbot for CORE
-Added Spy kbot for ARM
-Added Battle Commander for Arm
-Added Floating Metal Extractors, built by bases and hovercraft
-Added Deployment and Commander Start mod options
-Commanders are now built at a warp gate
-Units with radar can now detect cloaked units at medium-to-close range
-Pelicans much faster in water; AA improved; laser damage/sec reduced; hp slightly reduced
-Gimps can climb slopes; damage/sec significantly increased; hp slightly reduced; now medium armor
-Nuclear Missile Silo metal cost and buildtime reduced 50%
-Cruiser, Battlecruiser, and Battleship overall firepower decreased 5%
-Missile Ship range decreased from 2600 to 2400; minimum range slightly decreased
-Bulldog firepower significantly increased
-Sniper damage, reload time decreased; not stealth when moving; decloak radius decreased
-Morty death explosion size reduced
-Mobile Artillery have much more range while in high trajectory mode; fire larger plasma shells
-Rocket Box damage to heavy armor decreased to 50%
-Hellfish drop a single powerful bomb instead of two
-Arm Drone firepower decreased
-Arm Spider range, speed increased
-Moho Engineers are now all terrain
-Moho Mine metal cost decreased 30%
-Tidal Generator metal cost increased 15%
-Radar Tower cost increased 20%
-LLT laser velocity increased ~100%
-Machine Gun velocity increased 43%
-Vulcan and Buzzsaw cost decreased 30%
-Vulcan energy cost to fire decreased 50%
-Black Lilly decloak radius decreased; does not decloak to fire; buildtime increased
-Stealth Fighter decloak radius decreased
-Toadfoot damage to ships lowered 25%
-Flying Wing hitpoints increased 5%; damage to buildings and ships increased ~7%
-Torpedo Bomber cost reduced 5%
-Commanders are now stealth while cloaked
-Heavy unit death explosion less deadly to other heavies.
-Crawling Bomb and landmine cost decreased
-Viper hitpoints slightly reduced
-Maverick autoheal improved
-Greyhound flank damage reduced
-Flea weapon changed back to regular laser
-Core Truck cheaper
-Flak slightly more accurate
-Fixed build menus loading slow
-Changed aircraft buildpictures to make numbers easier to see
-Fixed solar collectors showing up as idle builders