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First you need to download the Spring engine to play this game.

Games for Spring are ".sd7" or ".sdz" files. To install this files move them into (Unix) ~/.spring/games
or (Windows) "My Documents\My Games\Spring\games".
Use the "Reload maps/games" option from the "Tools" menu in SpringLobby.


File Information

Title / Version MicronWars V0.044
License Freeware / Free
Filename micronwars_v0.044.sdz
Filesize 67.12 MB
Date 03/07/2011 - 21:12
Changed 02/22/2013 - 21:29
Publisher / Author Razorblade (Uploaded by Razorblade)


MicronWars is a game for the Spring engine.
A mod with Modern units.

You are fighting for the ultimate,saving your world .
A vast arsenal of tanks , vehicles, planes and ships are at your disposal .
Harverst resources to get income
The key of the game is to capture as much outposts as you can find because they are essential
for you to unlock more technologies.
But you get reinforcements from the NWD they join you with some vehicles and tanks.
>>>>>>>>>>AI does not play<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


-new unit sounds


- added fitting soundtrack
- balancetweaks


- mod cleanup

- redone weapon ranges

- added resource configs

configs done

2 Continents Remake
1944 Kiev V4
1944 Moro River V1
1944 Titan
1944 Village Crossing V2
A Football Field v2.1
Aavikko V2
Adamantine Mountain V1
Albion V1
Alpine Way
Altair Crossing V1
Archers Valley v5
Lava Highground


- mexes are removed (changed by resource system)

- added a refinery and harvesters

- removed the alientech (not being used by anyone)

Special thanks go to [RoX]Knorke for that he have made the mining and resource gadgets


-disabled unuseful units

- changed units speed

- fixed mexes build angle

- mex morph cost increased

- removed repeat from the factories


a few small fixes

added sounds for end effect


- fixed the gunship (did make attackruns instead of continue flying)

- added some sounds

- made the movement slope of the tanks higher


- fixed upgrade system again (should work without errors this time)

-added an Ancient Alien Tech to be captured on the map(possible that it is not completely balanced)

-fixed tanks from shooting at planes


-fixed the upgradesystem (the researchbuilding holds these upgrades, if the researchbuilding is given away or destroyed you loose the effect of the upgrades so be carefull what you do with it )

- fixed THE WALL it is on offable from the options menu


- added NWD units to the game
- added a vehicle factory so you have a seperate factory for tanks and vehicles
- added THE WALL a seperation at the start of the game so newbs get their chance to setup their base and make some forces default time is 10 mins in that time you cannot fire at anything
can be set on or off in options.
hopefully this version is more balanced than the last versions.
- the damage and armor upgrades have been disabled due to errorspam when shared to teammember.


- mobile artillery and aagun tank models have been changed
- stationary artillery cost increased much and buildtime
- mobile sam cost increased


- Game end fixed
- Unit hitboxes and centers fixed
- units do cost more
- eco center + outpost can build further
- combuilding has more lineofsight
- researchbuilding has radar
- removed the metal shredder defense

- new ultratank model.
- outpost can build the ecobuilding , tankfac and airfac.

- More or less a test version see how the gameplay has become
- removed the limited metal
- replaced the combuilding with a new one
- the combuilding builds the buildings
- the buildtruck builds the shipyard and defenses.
- the mex is replaced by an upgradable one
- the refinery is removed (you should get sufficient by using the upgradable mexes and the outposts)
- Added a Samlauncher
- Added a Gunship
- buildtruck CANNOT build mexes in this version


Made it work with spring 0.84
Started to remake some models
overtime there will be more
Added : Palladin heavy tank.


weapon tweaks
and added an perk system
armor boost or damage boost obtainable from the researchbuilding


Gameplay is changed with the use of limited metal.
outposts M output is lowered
tanks and planes costs and buildtime changed
defenses costs and buildtime changed
Nuclear powerplant and refinery also have changed costs and buildtimes
damages of some weapons have been changed


Changed back to outposts spawning on the map(building outposts was to porcy)
outpost still able to build defenses.
buildtruck can build some defenses.
outpost capturing is faster.


Changed the gameplay
Outpost are no longer spawned , you need to build them by yourself.
all the defenses are removed from the buildtruck .
The outpost is the building that makes the defenses so pick your place carefully where you put the outposts , you can build a total of 7 outposts (more you don't need anyway)
the unlocking works the same.


this is only a fix
dominator bomb fix


moved artillery tank to 3 outposts and reduced damage
made powerplants more expensive

Balanced the eco more (less spamming more thinking )


removed the soundtrack
able to play on greenfield maps (outposts generate metal to now)

Added a flakturret
changed the damages of the machineguns
buildtruck its health changed from 500 to 300.
scout and missile jeep wheels were turning while standing still and reloading (is fixed)
Added a soundtrack (probaply will be removed by next version) that is why the size is so big.


all outpost are showing now (so you are able to ambush now )
the scout jeep has been moved to the command building and is buildable from the start.
there is no early defense tower so you need to defend with the scout to until you have 1 outpost

Added the Dominator (new fighter/bomber) still a little buggy with the bomb ( it tries to drop the bomb on flying planes) the Dominator hold anti radar missiles, anti ship missiles and anti air missiles and 1 bomb.

fixed the missile jeep (hopefully lag is gone now)

all weapon damages has been increased a bit

tanks drive a bit faster

the autocapture gadget has been fixed, it captures the outposts first and then the factory's
the chest has been added to the list.
it will not capture allied outposts anymore.


a quick fix for the mech and a gadget


Added a new scout to the game.
added a nice chest (you need to be lucky to find it on a map)
the suicidetruck health 250 to 500, explosiondamage from 1000 to 2000, area of effect is doubled to 300.
bomber drops 6 bombs instead of 2 and damage reduced from 220 to 100.
the heavy mingun defense damage is balanced.damage reduced to 6.52 per minigun
metal output is reduced to half the output

what's in version 0.010 ?

i changed a lot of Machineguns/minigun sounds.
added a heavy minigun defense platform.
added a Side faction battle mech.
the ballistic missile takes longer to load.

Balanced may be a bit off but we are working on it.


Razorblade : main concept and models/Textures
Camo : widgets/gadgets/lua code
Testers: Picasso CT, [RoX]Knorke, Beelzeboss, [SIN]Godde, CaptainBenz, Karacho