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File Information

Title / Version Metal Factions v1.42
License Freeware / Free
Filename metalfactions-v1.44.sdz
Filesize 39.49 MB
Date 10/10/2020 - 02:15
Changed 11/22/2020 - 16:25
Publisher / Author raaar (Uploaded by raaar)


Far into the future, different factions fight throughout the galaxy for control of resources using armies of advanced machines...

"Metal Factions" is TA-inspired game that runs on the Spring RTS engine and has four original factions: AVEN, GEAR, CLAW and SPHERE.

for more information, check the website at

REQUIRES SPRING VERSION "104.0.1-1553-gd3c0012 maintenance" or later

(to get the latest recommended game and engine versions, check the MF battle rooms on the official server)

2020/10/11 ------------------ NOTES v1.44 ----------------------

--- Balance / Mechanics

- increased range of level1 static sonar stations from 1200 to 1400
- reduced sonar range of submarines (level1 and 2) from 600+ to 500
(helps making them cheaper, but level 2 submarines now require external sonar)
- all submarines can now reverse at half their normal maximum speed
- modified AVEN "Crusader"'s cannon to have slightly less range, faster projectile and higher dmg/s with shorter reload time and M damage instead of H
- made level 2 radar/sonar ships slower and reduced their HP to reduce costs

- increased AVEN "Swift", GEAR "Dash" and CLAW "Hornet" ranges to 400, restored the 280L damage burst with 4s reload, and gave them a special 10% discount
- increased CLAW "X" energy cost to fire its forward facing lasers and slightly increased its HP

--- Visual

- SPHERE "Endeavour" : modified model to have only one bigger barrel to better convey its role
- GEAR "Enforcer" : modified model to have only one bigger barrel to better convey its role

--- AI

- reduced the stage 2 delay for brutal mode AI from 5 min to 90s
- when beacon set to within 900 range of the AI's base center, AI will try to move, not "fight" towards the location. Useful for retreating.
- added #AI COMPAD command : gets the AI to share a commander respawner pad to the player
- beacon markers should now appear to allies and spectators only
- check if the surrounding area is suitable for making factories when placing construction towers

2020/10/04 ------------------ NOTES v1.42 ----------------------

--- Balance / Mechanics

- increase gear vector flare range by ~7% and energy cost to fire to 50E/s and adjusted cost
- reduce sphere twilight laser range and adjusted cost
- modified how weapons are evaluated and slightly reduced their range to make fast level 1 fighter aircraft cheaper relative to their level 2 counterparts
(a fix to how CLAW Hornet's weapon is evaluated for consistency purposes actually makes it slighly more expensive)
- increased projectile speed for AVEN, CLAW and SPHERE "M" damage type air-to-ground rockets and increased the unit costs by 5-10%
- SPHERE "Tycho" : slightly reduced the weapon range and HP, removed 3-shot burst and increased maneuverability

- AVEN, GEAR and CLAW level 1 floating torpedo launchers get the same discount as water-locked ships (15%)
- CLAW "Sinker" gets the same 600 range sonar as the other L1 torpedo launchers
- level 2 vehicle plants can now make amphibious boats but they only get 5% discount instead of the 15% discount water-locked ships get
(they have a 33% speed penalty on land)

- increased CLAW "Boar"'s precision and reduced SPHERE "Double"'s precision so it's the same (has a tiny impact on unit costs, < 2%)

--- AI fixes

- GEAR "Amphibious" strategy will try to make level2 vehicle plant to build "Proteus" on land
- prioritize distance to "safe" location when building unarmed buildings a bit more
- avoid building premium nuke if its combined army cost is below a certain threshold
- improved premium nuke targetting
- late stage non-classic AI strategies will try to field an advanced defense builder to get some long range static artillery
- non-classic AI strategies will try to advanced radar,jammer and comsat stations and keep visibility of the biggest nearest threat
- non-classic AI strategies build torpedo launchers on water
- construction towers will avoid building factories obstructed by features (which might be out of range of the tower)
- AVEN, GEAR and CLAW assault strategies will also build a few raiders
- improved how units avoid enemies when retreating (most relevant for AI raiders and aircraft)


- reduced the size and length of the CLAW railgun projectiles

2020/09/27 ------------------ NOTES v1.41 ----------------------

--- Balance / Mechanics

- removed debug log that happened when drones moved away from the parent unit
- reduced the vertical speed of SPHERE's slow flying spheres to match their movement speed

- SPHERE "Gazer" flying sphere and commander forms now deal about 50% more damage per shot and have about 50% higher reload time
(They also got new visuals. The commander got its HP reduced from 4600 to 4500 to compensate)

- modified how the 360º weapons on strafing level 2 fighters are accounted for and slightly reduced their range and damage to compensate
- GEAR "Vector"'s flare no longer gets cylindrical targetting with 2x height boost due to being a "missile" type
(this was letting it outrange ground-based lasers too easily)

- increased GEAR "Cascade" cost by 13%

- reduced imprecision of most 500-1500 range plasma cannons by about half (this has a minor effect on unit costs, less than 3% in most cases)

--- AI fixes

- fixed AI sometimes still blocking its factories with other factories or advanced metal extractors
- modified the AI upgrade paths so it starts with the major regen upgrade, for now
(simple change that helps it keep its armies repaired)
- made AI more likely to build adv extractors sooner
- AI builders will now prioritize repairing nearby damaged units instead of assisting construction
- fixed AI not using units given to it
- fixed "brutal" mode not getting the resource bonus when using strategies
- AI is more likely to build construction units and change to advanced extractors
- improved how AI detects if it should change to air only or amphibious strategy depending on starting positions
- other miscellaneous AI fixes and improvements

--- UI

- slightly modified how chat messages from different sources are colored (again, to avoid white outline on some cases)

2020/09/20 ------------------ NOTES v1.40 ----------------------

--- new units

- AVEN "Gale" : level 1 anti-swarm aircraft which shoots wide AOE missiles
- AVEN "Spiker" : level 2 all-terrain indirect fire support robot

- GEAR "Incendiary mine" : level 1, shoots an incendiary missile at nearby ground or air targets, 90 metal each
- GEAR "Thresher" : level 2 H armored FLAK tank

- CLAW "Trajector" : level 2 all-terrain indirect fire support robot
- CLAW "Shredder" : level 1 anti-swarm aircraft with WB cannons (good AOE)

- SPHERE "Blower" : level 1 anti-swarm aircraft which shoots wide AOE missiles
- SPHERE "Masher" : level 2 all-terrain rocket artillery (indirect fire, H rockets)

- air transport drone commander upgrade / air transport drones (upgrade costs 1500m)

--- Balance / Mechanics

- air transports now lose up to 55% of their maximum speed when carrying heavy loads (up from 50%)
- increased the cost of level 2 air transports from 1200m to 1400m

- AVEN and CLAW level 2 construction robots become all-terrain
- GEAR level 2 construction robot becomes slower, more expensive, H armored and spawns 1 air transport drone which can carry itself uphill
- all level 2 construction units become more expensive but significantly tougher to enable their usage as front line combat engineers
- SPHERE level 1 construction vehicle is now M armored but slightly slower and more expensive
- all aircraft factories are now buildable on water

- wreckages now take about 3x as long to reclaim (half of the time it would take to build the original unit)

- reduced AVEN "Knight"'s projectile speed, increased "pose" dmg reduction from 20 to 25% and reduced cost by about 5%
- reduced AVEN "Shocker"'s speed by about 20%, increased hp by 100, range by 10%, changed armor type from M to H and increased cost by about 20%
- AVEN "Merl" gets 20% damage resistance when closed
- slightly increased AVEN "Dazer"'s model size (cosmetic only)
- AVEN "Excalibur" gets increased range from 1250 to 1300 and adjusted cost
- AVEN "Tsunami" gets slightly reduced speed and HP but armor changes from M to H
- AVEN "Kodiak" is now more expensive and had its plasma cannons replaced with a longer ranged WB Cannons
(it's should now be very effective vs air units)

- GEAR "Canister" is 5% more expensive
- GEAR "Thud" shoots more accurately now, especially in high trajectory mode
- GEAR "Rhino" is 5% more expensive
- increased GEAR "Box" HP from 1650 to 1850 and adjusted cost
- GEAR "Kano" no longer prioritizes air enemies (oops)
- GEAR "Psycho" gets bigger, HP increased from 900 to 1100 and armor type changed from L to M and 40% increased cost
- GEAR "Pyro" is now taller and 20% faster but has slightly less HP and 10% increased cost

- CLAW "Ravager" gets HP increased to 3000, H armor and adjusted cost
- CLAW "Longhorn" explodes like the other static long range artillery
- CLAW "Aggressor" commander form now prioritizes air targets
- CLAW "Pike" gets increased range from 1450 to 1500 and adjusted cost
- CLAW "Flail"'s damage type changed from L to M
- spinbots no longer spin while under construction (visual only)

- SPHERE "Astra" now prioritizes air targets
- SPHERE "Shielder" had its speed reduced from 1.45 to 1.2 and cost reduced by 8%
- SPHERE "Hanz" had its weapon accuracy improved

- setting units to their cloaked state changes the fire state to "Return Fire" instead of "Hold Fire"

- made dragon's teeth being built neutral so they don't "bait" enemy fire
- made dragon's teeth not spawn the feature if they're destroyed before being fully built to avoid a possible "free" metal exploit

- set maneuverBlockTime on fighter aircraft and, disable looping on aircraft with belly turrets
(this should fix the issue where strafing aircraft would sometimes refuse to turn back and fly into enemy defenses)

- fixed bug where occasionally drones would persist after the parent unit was destroyed

- SPHERE "Shielder" can no longer be given "attack" orders to avoid it trying to ram enemy units

- modified how unit masses are calculated to make L armored units lighter and H armored units heavier

- SPHERE intelligence Drones now have their HP reduced from 1000 to 600 HP but get the "scoper" ability

- fixed a bug where shielded hit by paralyze damage would be able to fire while still being attached to air transports
(as a side effect transported units no longer take paralyze damage)

- removed a discount factor for air-borne short-ranged lasers as they don't get blocked by obstacles
(the only noteworthy impact of this was increasing GEAR "Zipper" cost by 5%)

- reduced the reference flight altitude of level 2 fighter aircraft from 240 to 210

- reduced the limit of commander weapon range upgrades from 2 to 1

--- AI / MFAI

- improved behavior to avoid wasting time when trying to reclaim nearby features/wrecks
- AI will track its team's combat efficiency and delay attacks until it gets a bigger army if it's being ineffective
- AI will now account for enemy unarmed area shields and some constructions units as threats
- fixed AI's raider and air squads not temporarily avoiding some areas where they're under fire
- fixed some AI orders ignoring altitude (this looked weird when fighting on elevated plateaus but was mostly harmless)
- improved how it builds advanced metal extractors (uses the same area commands as the players can)
- AI units will now move away to keep their distance from enemies that get close (on normal and brutal)
- will build sets of 4 solar collectors, wind or tidal generators for a more compact base
- added standard format to define AI strategies. The new naming convention for MFAI is MFAI : (strategy)
- renamed previous AI behavior as "classic" and added a new default strategy which is flexible (picks a specific strategy according to the map)
- added a set of more specific AI strategies:
. Air
. Assault
. Skirmisher
. Amphibious
- AI may nuke its enemies depending on the strategy (if non-classic)
- fixed issue which could lead to some builders getting stuck idling
- avoid building fusion reactors adjacent to factories (it would sometimes lead to them getting stuck)
- non-classic AI can use construction towers to speed up their early game
- non-classic AI will build metal makers
- added AI beacon which can be used to force AI to move to a position, can be used offensively or defensively


--- UI

- increased horizontal size of game end awards panel to allow longer player names
- slightly modified how chat messages from different sources are colored