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File Information

Title / Version Metal Factions v1.39
License Freeware / Free
Filename metalfactions-v1.39.sdz
Filesize 38.79 MB
Date 05/28/2020 - 04:45
Changed 11/22/2020 - 16:26
Publisher / Author raaar (Uploaded by raaar)


Far into the future, different factions fight throughout the galaxy for control of resources using armies of advanced machines...

"Metal Factions" is TA-inspired game that runs on the Spring RTS engine and has four original factions: AVEN, GEAR, CLAW and SPHERE.

for more information, check the website at

REQUIRES SPRING VERSION "104.0.1-1464-g4f428c8 maintenance" or later

(to get the latest recommended game and engine versions, check the MF battle rooms on the official server)

2020/06/04 ------------------ NOTES v1.39 ----------------------

--- Balance / Mechanics

- modified how shield HP is factored into the costs of shielded units, including area shields
(this makes them about 5-15% more expensive)

- modified how weapon dmg/s, aoe, spike damage and range are factored into the weapon values and unit costs
. this change penalizes units with 400+ range and relatively high dmg/s and benefits units with 500-1000 range and relatively low dmg/s
. L1 short range stuff mostly stays the same
. L1 light med range stuff (~600) gets ~10-20% cheaper
. high dps stuff gets more expensive (10-20%, but up to 50% on some extreme cases)
. long range ~200 dmg/s stuff gets more expensive (~10%)

- increased GEAR "Assaulter" movement speed from 1.8 to 1.95

- slightly increased fire rate and dmg/s for some L1 missile units

- fixed railgun and energy bolts apparently going through targets near the edge of their range without colliding

- CLAW "Assassin" form commander had its damage per shot increased from 650 to 850 with higher reload time (dmg/s slightly lower)

- fixed wreckage collision volumes being slightly off the ground

- walls and gates no longer count towards auto-surrender

- increased cost of construction towers from 350m to 400m

2020/05/27 ------------------ NOTES v1.38 ----------------------

--- new units

- rocket platforms can now build premium tactical nukes that fly higher, faster, hit harder and CANNOT be shot down, but cost 25000m each
- AVEN "Trooper (Laser)" : trooper variant that's slightly slower and tougher and has an effective weapon against small and agile air units

--- Balance / Mechanics

- reduced base respawn time from 42 to 38s
- being morphed adds 50% to the respawn time
- being upgraded adds up to 50% to the respawn time
- increased the morph cost from 1200m to 1500m

- increased cost of "Pyroclasm", "Impaler" and "Meteorite" to 1400m
- reduced cost of tactical nuclear rockets from 3000m to 2500m
- decreased cost of "Lightning" rockets to to 1200m and reduced the impulse from the explosion
- fixed long range rockets deploying submunitions immediately if targetting a nearby position
- fixed collision avoidance issues which could make clusters of rockets "shake" in air and/or submunitions stray away from the target
- reduced distance at which submunitions are deployed from 700 to 600

- GEAR Cloakable "Cube" : reduced HP and increased speed by about 20%
- reduced cost of gear mines from 70m to 60m
- reduced range and cost of GEAR "Snake" by about 10%
- fixed collision volume adjustment of units with small shields (they were vertically off-center)
- modified the targeted position of units to be at 75% of the unit's height instead of 50%
- prevent comsat projectiles from colliding with friendly units
- AVEN "Sniper" : increased damage per shot and reload time by about 20% and fixed the cloak attributes
- increased cost of area shields by 8% for mobile ones and 23% for the static shield
(the static one has a bigger radius)
- fixed issue that could make artillery cannons get less range than specified and/or not be able to benefit from range upgrades
(it would depend on map gravity)
- increased firing tolerance and turn rate of rockets on AVEN and CLAW gunships
- CLAW "Boomer" (heavy version) deals more damage and has a higher reload time (it now 1-shots metal extractors)
- increased range and cost of GEAR "Knocker" by 15%
- fixed torpedoes exploding mid-air before reaching floating targets
- increased GEAR "Aggressor" HP from 580 to 620 and adjusted cost
- increased SPHERE "Bit" HP from 525 to 680 and adjusted cost
- increased AVEN "Samson" HP from 700 to 820 and adjusted cost
- increased CLAW "Grunt" HP from 850 to 950 and adjusted cost
- made most units with 380-500 range L lasers prioritize air targets and have a slight energy cost to fire
(20% of their dmg/s, this makes them about 5-10% cheaper)
- reduced cost of radars by 5-10%
- GEAR "Grenado" becomes amphibous and has a 3x3 footprint instead of 4x4, so it can fit through cracks in base defense better
- fixed an issue with air tranports sometimes not being able to load or unload units on water
- increased the death blast damage and radius of AVEN mobile fusion reactors from 800 to 1900 with 500 radius

--- UI / Visuals

- build time indicator on the unit info box is no longer about 10% off
- fixed AVEN L2 construction hovercraft wreckage
- modified the build menu positions of hovercraft and spinbot factories to ensure L1 builders are shown before L2 builders

- show progress indicator for replays and when rejoining games or catching up if lagging behind
- show basic controls (speed/pause) when watching replays

- show warning message when players lag behind by more than 5s
- modified the first ally color to differentiate it more from the player's color