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File Information

Title / Version Metal Factions v1.07
License Freeware / Free
Filename metalfactions-v1.07.sdz
Filesize 34.63 MB
Date 04/12/2019 - 00:59
Publisher / Author raaar (Uploaded by raaar)


Far into the future, different factions fight throughout the galaxy for control of resources using armies of advanced machines...

"Metal Factions" is TA-inspired game that runs on the Spring RTS engine and has four original factions: AVEN, GEAR, CLAW and SPHERE.

for more information, check the website at


2019/04/11 ------------------ NOTES v1.07 ----------------------

--- Balance / Mechanics

- changed AVEN "Wheeler" armor type from L to M, increased speed by about 10% and increased cost by 37%
- increased AVEN "Kodiak" cannon's rate of fire by about 25% and range by 10%, increased cost by about 10% and adjusted the model

- AVEN conqueror projectiles shoot out of both barrels to match the animation

- made AVEN "Runner", GEAR "Harasser" and SPHERE "Trike" stronger but more expensive to make them more broadly effective as fast attack units

- slightly increased the turnrate of relatively fast vehicles to avoid pathing issues
- most smaller units can no longer crush trees

- allow depth charges to hit hovercraft

- removed "hit n run" button from construction aircraft
- prevent air transports from lowering into "void" hazard areas on some maps, killing the transported unit as it got below the threshold

- fixed issue of long range rockets getting attached to the wrong pad on long range rocket platforms

- respawned commanders are set to the move state they had when they were previously destroyed

--- Sounds / Visuals

- added logic to automatically replace engine trees on some maps (for example, "Small supreme battlefield V2") with nicer looking trees
(models and textures by Beherith, same as used on ZK)

- modified sound when firing torpedo weapons and some of the light lasers

- made feature crush sound less annoying and fade out with distance