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File Information

Title / Version Metal Factions v0.991
License Freeware / Free
Filename metalfactions-v0.991.sdz
Filesize 31.22 MB
Date 12/01/2017 - 22:39
Changed 12/24/2017 - 06:37
Publisher / Author raaar (Uploaded by raaar)


Far into the future, different factions fight throughout the galaxy for control of resources using armies of advanced machines...

"Metal Factions" is a game for the spring engine with four original factions: AVEN, GEAR, CLAW and SPHERE.

for more information, check the website at


2017/12/24 ------------------ NOTES v0.991 ----------------------

- fixed MAJOR bug introduced on the previous version which caused some units to become stuck on factories and others to not be buildable at all!

--- balance / mechanics

- increased AVEN "Omega Form" commander's HP by 100

- increased scout aircraft HP from 90 to 110 and cost by 10%

- adjusted the footprint size of a few of the bigger units

- made the GEAR advanced vehicle plant and advanced shipyards wider

2017/12/17 ------------------ NOTES v0.990 ----------------------

--- balance / mechanics

- doubled magnetar's pull strength and increased the HP regen from 100 to 160 HP/s but removed the shield

- fixed scaling of collision volumes for units under construction and aircraft

- fixed metal values on some maps that rely on lua metal spot configuration

- modified the footprint size of light vehicles so that they spread out more when moving around in groups

--- effects / visuals

- improved the 3D models of AVEN runner-type family of robots
- fixed some of the feature destruction and reclaim effects being visible outside the sight range of friendly units

2017/12/01 ------------------ NOTES v0.989 ----------------------

--- new units

- added SPHERE "Comet" : Energy-intensive Fast Assault Sphere (requires 1000 E/s to move)
- added SPHERE "Nimbus" : Small Skirmisher Sphere
- added SPHERE "Orb" : Intelligence Sphere

- added CLAW "Bullfrog" : level 2 Amphibious Boat

- added CLAW "Spinbot Plant" : Produces level 2 Amphibious Spinbots
- added CLAW Advanced Construction Spinbot
- added CLAW "Dizzy" : Infantry Spinbot
- added CLAW "Gyro" : Anti-Armor Ring Launcher Spinbot
- added CLAW "Mace" : Assault Spinbot
- added CLAW "Predator" : Heavy Infantry Spinbot (reworked unit from the adv. shipyard)
- added CLAW "Tempest" : Heavy Missile Skirmisher Spinbot (reworked unit from the adv. shipyard)
- added CLAW "Haze" : Intelligence Spinbot

--- balance / mechanics


- increased repair energy cost from 90% to 100% of the unit's energy cost

- removed aircraft-specific cost modifiers : they now cost about 7% more metal but about half as much energy
(they now have their energy cost set to 5x the amount of their metal cost instead of x10, like ground units and buildings)

- increased the efficiency assumption for relatively fast non-tracking projectiles, which makes some units with cannons relatively more expensive

- slightly reduced projectile velocities (10-20%) for many plasma cannons

- made lower weight units about 5% cheaper than bigger more expensive ones
- made units with very low HP about 5% relatively cheaper
- made units with below average range up to about 5% cheaper than longer ranged units
- made slower units and static defenses up to about 5% cheaper than faster units
- reduced cost of units which cost more 3k metal (they may still be more expensive due to the previous nerfs)
(these make most level1 units cheaper relative to level2 units, which get 5 to 25% more expensive than in the previous version)

- increased cost of level 2 air transports by about 10%

- reduced idle HP regeneration per second from 2+0.3%HP to 2+0.2%HP

- fixed collision volumes for static long range plasma cannons

- the reload rate on commanders' weapons is reduced to 25% while building
(this is to reduce the advantage commanders with high reload time weapons have when building and fighting near the front line)

- made most heavy tanks amphibious

- reduced cost of amphibious boats by 15%
(they get the same "discount" as other ships as they still have the 33% speed penalty on land)

- unit mass now calculated to also scale with unit hp instead of metal cost, and air units are lighter
(this affects transportability and impulse from being hit)

- changed mass limit for level1 air transports from 1000 to 1200

- made heavy units push-resistant


- increased the DPS level 1 land scout units by about 20%

- increased the size, HP of battleships and main gun DPS by about 20%, but reduced their speed by about 40%

- added angle restriction on secondary weapon on GEAR "Proteus" and CLAW "Wrecker" so the front turrets don't shoot "through" the larger back turret

- AVEN "Gryphon" rockets no longer track their targets
- reduced speed of AVEN "Excalibur" by 10%
- doubled AVEN "Skimmer" DPS
- increased AVEN "Turbulence" DPS on missile launcher by 50% but slightly reduced range and dps on the secondary lasers

- increased HP of GEAR "Cube" robots by 400
- GEAR "Might" is now about 20% slower but 20% stronger in HP and DPS
- GEAR Cube and Titan robots are now amphibious
- GEAR "Barrel" no longer slows down on water

- made CLAW "Crawler" bigger and stronger (+20% DPS, +30% HP + 15% range)
- changed CLAW "Cutter"'s torpedo to an amphibious rocket and the laser gets +10% range but deals M damage instead of H
- changed CLAW "Trident"'s amphibious rockets : they hit a bit harder and stray less, but with longer reload time and slower speed
- changed CLAW "Sword"'s weapon from cannon to a short range high DPS laser cutter

- SPHERE "Magnetar" now regenerates 100HP/s and has radar jammer and a toggleable aura that pulls deals up to 150(L) disruptor dmg/s within 300 range, but doubled the reload time on the disruptor blast and increased cost by 20%
- reduced speed of SPHERE "Chub" by 10%
- SHPERE construction sphere regenerates 30 HP/s
- reduced E cost to move for SPHERE construction sphere, Astra and Gazer from 150 to 120 E/s
- SPHERE sphere factory can build level 1 construction aircraft

--- MAPS

- added preliminary support for some maps which have no hard-coded ground metal values but have lua metal spot configuration

--- AI

- MFAI will use AVEN Hovercraft, CLAW Spinbots and SPHERE flying spheres
- SPHERE MFAI now builds hardened fission reactors

--- UI

- tooltip shows mass and transportability "light", "heavy" or "no transport" status for mobile units
- groups of units will try to converge near the point when given non-unit point targets as the auto-formation wasn't working properly
(it's generally recommended to click-drag when giving orders so units spread out along the lines)

--- effects / visuals

- fully charged magnetars light up the grow below, slightly
- renamed GEAR air transports from "Valkyrie" to "Carrier" to match their more "industrial" flavour
- fixed glowy effects from underwater explosions being drawn above the water surface (workaround for Spring 104.0 engine bug)
- slightly improved models of amphibious ships and CLAW amphibious robots
- slightly improved AVEN "Merl" model
- plasma cannon projectiles light up the ground below, slightly