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File Information

Title / Version Metal Factions v0.82
License Freeware / Free
Filename metal_factions_v0.82.sdz
Filesize 26.89 MB
Date 08/29/2015 - 08:00
Changed 09/02/2015 - 06:39
Publisher / Author raaar (Uploaded by raaar)


Far into the future, different factions fight throughout the galaxy for control of resources using armies of advanced machines...

"Metal Factions" is a game for the spring engine with four original factions: AVEN, GEAR, CLAW and SPHERE.

It should favor small to medium battles and micromanagement as economy growth is dependent on map control and units are relatively expensive.

more information is available on the spring forum:


************************** PATCH NOTES ****************************

2015/09/01 ------------------ NOTES v0.82 ----------------------

--- gameplay/balance changes
- made AVEN and CLAW level 1 scout robots cheaper but slightly weaker

--- other
- fix some build menu pictures
- minor adjustments to a few 3d models

2015/08/29 ------------------ NOTES v0.81 ----------------------

--- gameplay/balance changes

- reduced the build times for all level 1 units and buildings by about 25% and 50% on level 1 plants specifically
(energy/metal costs were kept, but this should speed up early game considerably)
- converted SPHERE small fusion reactor to a cheaper fission reactor, which consumes 0.5M/s
- CLAW "Sinker" to be tougher but more expensive
- fixed AVEN floating "Defender" cost and HP to be similar to the land version
- reduced brakerate on light scout aircraft
- reduce submarines' radius to prevent unwanted targeting from cannons, etc.
- reduce turret rotation speed on long range plasma cannons

--- AI

- MFAI's commander is automatically repositioned to make it compatible with "choose in game" start positions and team start zones
- fixed MFAI lua error that could occur when aircraft went outside the edges of the map
- removed debug messages
- fixed MFAI labels on player list widget

--- other

- removed the old self-damage prevention gadget that missed the cleanup on v0.8 (wasn't working)
- repositioned claw mono-wheel robot models a bit higher and adjusted their acceleration and wheel speeds