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File Information

Title / Version Metal Factions v0.980
License Freeware / Free
Filename metalfactions-v0.980.sdz
Filesize 30.5 MB
Date 06/02/2017 - 07:15
Changed 06/26/2017 - 02:31
Publisher / Author raaar (Uploaded by raaar)


Far into the future, different factions fight throughout the galaxy for control of resources using armies of advanced machines...

"Metal Factions" is a game for the spring engine with four original factions: AVEN, GEAR, CLAW and SPHERE.

for more information, check the website at


************************** PATCH NOTES ****************************

2017/06/25 ------------------ NOTES v0.980 ----------------------

--- balance / mechanics

- taking damage reduces build and repair rates by half for 2 seconds (resource drain is halved too)
(this allows smaller raids to be effective even if there are enemy repair towers nearby)

--- UI / widgets

- tooltip shows damage and reload time separately for weapons with reload times longer than 5 seconds

2017/06/03 ------------------ NOTES v0.979 ----------------------

- fixed the cost of nano-towers (they should be about 10% more expensive than on 0.976)

2017/06/02 ------------------ NOTES v0.978 ----------------------

- added AVEN "Gamma Form" commander : Laser skirmisher with increased range and firepower against heavy units

--- balance / mechanics

- Changed CLAW "Knife"'s weapon to a 100 dps short ranged laser cutter but increased its cost by about 10%

click here for unit details

large sweep through the costs of nearly all units:
- up to 5% relative cost reduction on units with tracking projectiles
- up to 10% relative cost reduction on units with slow-moving projectiles (some plasma cannons, rockets, bombs...)
- up to 10% relative cost reduction on cheap short-ranged or very low dps units
- up to 10% relative cost increase on units with very fast non-tracking projectiles (high energy bolts, railguns...)
- up to 10% relative cost increase on aircraft, especially those with relatively high HP
- up to 10% relative cost increase on flamethrower units (compensates for the buff due to slow moving projectiles)
- up to 10% relative cost increase on units with extremely energy intensive weapons like SPHERE's lightning beams

- fix movement speed modifiers from upgrades not being applied to the order queue that the unit got when under construction

- slightly reduced speed of advanced fighters and air scouts and adjusted the costs
- fixed SPHERE "Magnetar" not firing, increased its HP from 13000 to 15000 and energy cost to move from 225 to 280 per second
- reduced CLAW "Flail" shotgun range, reduced the spread and adjusted the cost
- increased CLAW "Centaur"'s damage output by about 12% and adjusted the cost
- reduced CLAW "Grunt"'s speed by about 10% and adjusted the cost
- reduced CLAW "Grinder"'s HP and weapon effectiveness by about 10% and adjusted the cost

--- effects / visuals

- fixed GEAR "Pyro"'s wreckage
- changed CLAW "Knife" and "Centaur"'s movement animations (again)
- changed CLAW "Flail" weapon sound (was too loud)
- minor adjustments to the scale of some of the models

--- UI / widgets

- changed the Economy build menu page to always show metal extractors on the first position
- changed the builder towers build menu section to "Plant" instead of "Other"