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First you need to download the Spring engine to play this game.

Games for Spring are ".sd7" or ".sdz" files. To install this files move them into (Unix) ~/.spring/games
or (Windows) "My Documents\My Games\Spring\games".
Use the "Reload maps/games" option from the "Tools" menu in SpringLobby.


File Information

Title / Version Metal Factions v0.975
License Freeware / Free
Filename metalfactions-v0.975.sdz
Filesize 30.38 MB
Date 03/13/2017 - 00:57
Changed 04/03/2017 - 07:15
Publisher / Author raaar (Uploaded by raaar)


Far into the future, different factions fight throughout the galaxy for control of resources using armies of advanced machines...

"Metal Factions" is a game for the spring engine with four original factions: AVEN, GEAR, CLAW and SPHERE.

for more information, check the website at


************************** PATCH NOTES ****************************

2017/04/02 ------------------ NOTES v0.975 ----------------------

- drastically reduced cratering effect on most weapons

--- effects / visuals

- added a simple concrete-style ground decal below buildings
- fixed an issue with 3d model faces not being rendered on some ships on spring 103.0

--- AI

- renamed "Onslaught" mode AI to "Brutal"

2017/03/12 ------------------ NOTES v0.974 ----------------------

--- balance / mechanics

- morphed commanders take 50% longer to repair
- increased the total repair cost from 66% to 90% of the unit's energy cost
- increased commanders' power rating by 50%, this means that when commanders fight normal units:
a) they take 50% longer to get the same amount of experience
b) the normal units gain experience 50% faster
(this won't change commander vs commander interactions)

- changed minor speed upgrade bonus from 4% to 5%
- changed major speed upgrade bonus from 8% to 10%

- level 2 robot, vehicle, aircraft and ship factories can now build some of the level 1 units of the corresponding type

- made collision volumes grow vertically as the unit gets built (prevents an exploit where "nearly empty" build frames could block projectiles)

- updated the fortification wall build tooltips to correctly show that they have 4800 HP
- reduced fortification wall height slightly
- increased cost of wall sections from 50 to 65 metal

--- effects / visuals

- increased model size and improved the trails of advanced missiles

--- UI / widgets

- updated sort order on factories' build menu : start with construction units, then from cheapest to most expensive (roughly)
- added N hotkey for build menu pages
- added gadget to prevent players from getting stuck in FPS mode
- modified clock and fps indicator