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File Information

Title / Version The Core .03
License Freeware / Free
Filename the_core03.sd7
Filesize 17.38 MB
Date 06/01/2011 - 01:29
Changed 06/04/2011 - 03:57
Publisher / Author gogodancer (Uploaded by gogodancer)


T1-> T3 has been updated. all the good of BA 7.5 but with new units, new balance changes, better eco balance.
Air is dangerious, so be cost effective with that beefy "surface to air".

Some of the changes are

Commander changes:
movement speed reduced by 10%
Energy production increased from 20 to 100
Energy storage increased from 1000 to 2000
Wreckage M decreased from 2500 to 2000
Buildpower increased by 50%
Lazer damage increased.
Lazer AA damage increased.
Lazer range increased to just under llt.
increased health regeneration.

Air changes:
Construction aircrafts have increase cost, and increased health and increased build power(t1 = 75, t2 = 180). Reduced movement speed.
E costs of many air units has been increased.
Fighter costs have increased.
Fighter health and combat capabilities have been increased as a result.
Bombers drop bombs in a tighter area, with increased dammage.
Bombers have reduced speed (noticibly)
Gunships are available at teir 1 for the core.(banshies at the moment)
Gunships have increased dammage, increased health, slightly decreased speed.
Bladewings are now a ressurection aircraft that operates at half the strength of necros.
All Ground to air AA has been redone, with a stronger air capability, they should still not be overpowered. See Defence changes for more info.

Vehicle changes:
Construction vehicle has increased build power. t1=90->110, t2 =250->300
Instigator movement speed increased slightly
Slasher is now PURE aa vehicle.
Tremmors have decreased cost, slightly increased effectiveness.

Kbot changes:
T1 (these changes may be reverted depending on what the community response is)
Thud, range increased, now a longer range artillery piece
storm, damage reduction, rate of fire increased, (good against crowds)
New unit, Basher (light assult kbot)
Crashers, Dps increased (better bring them to kill those gunships)
advanced construction kbot, increased movement speed, increased 180 -> 225
Commando has been removed from the game. Basher is useing the unit model. This may be reverted depending on gameplay.

Defence changes:
Birtha range has been increased, and area of effect has been increased, cost has been increased as well.
Deflector costs have decreased. (possible plan to have shields linkable, please provide feedback...)
Defenders have significantly increased damage, as well as sam sites and the eradicator.
Sam sites and eradicators are no longer burst fire. but fully automatic.
Screamers have a reduced reload time.

Econ changes:
Buildtime is now a function based on energy and Metal costs
E + 10*M = Buildtime
Note: the majority of buildtimes were already close to this relation.
Most units have had their E requirements increased,
cost of T2 and T3 labs has been increased.
M-mkrs are now 80 to 1, t2 makers have had M costs dramaticly reduced in order to compensate for the efficiency changes (same conversion ratio of the t1 mkrs)

Many more changes, but not as noticible
ex: M cost 1980 -> 2000, dps inceased by 0.2%