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1.7 (Beta 10)
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File Information

Title / Version Basically OTA 1.7 (Beta 10)
License Freeware / Free
Filename BOTA17Beta10.sd7
Filesize 21.79 MB
Date 04/13/2010 - 18:45
Changed 01/04/2011 - 20:27
Publisher / Author Nettogrof (Uploaded by Nettogrof)


---BOTA 1.7 (Beta 10)
- actually got the mod working with spring version 0.82 thanks to Tobi and BrainDamage helping

- Hover, Sea and Vehicle scouts now share the same laser. ARM and CORE lasers are slightly different.
Was in beta 9 but forgot to add in the changelog :(

- replaced CORE T1 Aircraft lab model with Mr. D's remake

- added Licho's Unit E-stall Disable gadget and modified for BOTA
(this is the one that deactivates units when a player doesn't have energy for their upkeep)
current list of units affected:


Units are the same for both sides except ARM has one extra unit that CORE does not have, the Fibber, a sonar jammer sub.
Metal makers not on this list because there is a separate widget for their handling.

- increased energyuse of ARM and CORE T1 metal extractors from 3 to 4
- increased energyuse for ARM Moho Mine from 15 to 24 and for CORE Moho Mine from 12 to 23
- increased ARM Moho Mine metal extraction from 4.5 to 5 times of the T1 metal extractor, making it the same with CORE Moho Mine and CORE T1 metal extractor now
- reduced ARM Moho Mine buildtime from 25750 to 23150

- increased ARM Moho Metal Maker energy buildcost from 9350 to 29350
- increased ARM Moho Metal Maker metal buildcost from 58 to 158
- increased ARM Moho Metal Maker buildtime from 34980 to 104980
- increased CORE Moho Metal Maker energy buildcost from 10928 to 30928
- increased CORE Moho Metal Maker metal buildcost from 51 to 151
- increased CORE Moho Metal Maker buildtime from 41253 to 121253

- increased ARM Metal Maker energy buildcost from 687 to 1497
- increased CORE Metal Maker energy buildcost from 700 to 1563

- reduced ARM Tidal Generator energy buildcost from 768 to 468
- reduced ARM UW Metal Extractor energy buildcost from 2074 to 1274
- reduced ARM UW Metal Extractor metal buildcost from 130 to 97
- reduced CORE Tidal Generator energy buildcost from 752 to 452
- reduced CORE UW Metal Extractor energy buildcost from 2219 to 1419
- reduced CORE UW Metal Extractor metal buildcost from 125 to 95

- made lab and constructor buildpower scaling the same for ARM and CORE. This only needed that ARM bot and vehicle buildpower values to be exchanged bot<->veh
Order of buildpower is now for both sides: Air|Seaplane < Veh < Bot|Hover < Sea
- advanced constructors now provide resources 5 energy and 0.1 metal for both sides
- ARM Fark now has same buildpower as the ARM advanced constructor bot, 130, but does not provide resources
- increased CORE Necro buildpower from 90 to 100 and resurrection speed from 180 to 200. (For comparison the CORE advanced constructor bot has buildpower of 130)
Necro does not provide resources either

---BOTA 1.7 (Beta 9)
- Added icons for units

- CORE Toaster now defaults to fire-at-will
- Apparently CORE Spoiler was missing from lab buildlist. Fixed.

- Replaced CORE Ak with Beheriths remake and script by caldera
- Replaced CORE Storm with Beheriths remake
- Replaced CORE Crasher with Beheriths remake. (Bit bugged script. Just don't use force attack on ground and you'll be fine)
- Replaced CORE Wind generator with bobthedinosaurs remake
- Replaced ARM Big Bertha with cremuss' remake

- Annihilator beams(meaning the large beams on Annihilator, Doomsday Machine, Penetrator and Krogoth) now do max damage at all ranges.
- Made annihilator beams avoid firing through friendly units (beamlaser can't be set to not damage friendly units according to wiki)

- Removed metal cost from Big Bertha and Intimidator firing costs
- Increased CORE Viper buildtime from 11528 to 13528 and metal cost from 572 to 872 and energy cost from 5687 to 7787

- Made reclaiming gradual instead of all at the end
- Air constructors now collide with units to limit the effectiveness of spamming them

- Removed Smart Area Reclaim widget due to possible issues with it

- Submarines no longer collide with ships
- Adjusted the moveclasses of all ships into three groups for ships and one for submarines.
Ships in one class have the same minimum waterdepth. Waterdepth order is: small ship < medium ship < submarine < big ship.
- Small ships
Tech 1 sea constructors, Crusader, Skeeter, Archer, Escort, Enforcer, Searcher, Phantom, Shredder

- Medium ships
Hulk, Conqueror, Ranger, Envoy, Executioner, MissileFrigate

- Submarines
Tech 2 sea constructors, Lurker, Fibber, Piranha, Snake, Leviathan, Shark

- Big Ships
Colossus, Millenium, Hive, Warlord