Balanced Annihilation Sea Experiment

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File Information

Title / Version Balanced Annihilation Sea Experiment 6
License Freeware / Free
Filename balanced_annihilation_sea_experiment-6.sdz
Filesize 167.84 MB
Date 05/22/2018 - 05:36
Changed 05/22/2018 - 05:37
Publisher / Author Zecrus (Uploaded by Zecrus)



List of changes I made:

Move destroyer to T2
Give support ship samson weapon, no depthcharge
Give corvette a weak depthcharge, so it can rush subs
Slight damage nerf to arm corvette, damage buff to core corvette, so that they are more even
Remove aa from scout, lower cost slightly
Lower cost of T2 shipyard (-500m)
Buff destroyer so that its useful in T2 (depthcharge replaced with torp)
Lower cruiser range, increase its health, lower its cost
Lower battleship health
Remove pirahna/shark
Increase reload time for serpent/leviathan
Give all amphib units torpedoes
Nerfed T2 sea AA
Updated some descriptions
Increased sub health by 50% and damage taken by 50% (so amphibs take 50% more damage)

Overall Goals:

Have AA and anti-sub naturally incorporated into other sea units
Have fleet compositions naturally evolve as the game goes on
Make T2 sea easier to get, and easier for T1 to fight against
Have T2 sea involve evolving fleets, instead of spamming 1 unit
Have land be able to interact with sea through amphib units
Make sure that sea doesn't have to build a ton of niche units as insurance against different angles of attack

Changes in v6:

Increased Core corvette cost by 10m
Decreased Arm and Core assault frigate movement by 5%, range by 10
Decreased Arm and Core sub costs by 20%, increased movement by 10%, decreased damage by 10%
Added Guardian/Punisher to T1 sea con buildlist, removed land airlab from lists
Improved Arm and Core Gun Platform health and dps by 10%
Increased Arm and Core support ship damage by 10%, reduced health by 10%
Removed destroyer from consul and freaker buildmenu, replaced with corvette and assault frigate