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File Information

Title / Version Balanced Annihilation 10.00
License Freeware / Free
Filename ba-v10.00.sdz
Filesize 43.46 MB
Date 12/20/2017 - 19:39
Publisher / Author Floris (Uploaded by Floris)


• Renamed widget folder to Widgets_BA (if you want custom widgets, (re)name your widget folder)

Chicken Defence
• Has been integrated into BA. Just add an chicken AI bot and make sure you have startboxes set. ("!autobalance off" to manually get everyone on the same team)

Balance changes:
• All Energy and metal prices have been rounded (to fit their display in buildmenu)
• Introduced a minimum (slightly larger) buildrange
• Global edgeeffectiveness buff of 0.15.
• TargetBorder for all weapons: They don't aim for unit centers, but rather any part of the unit that can be aimed at.
• Wrecks reclaim speed is more dependant on reclaimer's reclaimSpeed and reclaimSpeeds have been overall reduced (-10%).

• Raw unit movement implemented
• Pathing improvement: units won't get stuck in cliffs any longer
• Pathing improvement: units won't go back and forth while walking along a cliff
• Vehicles with tracks can turn-in-place. The angle limit depends on the unit's turnrate (equal to the turn that can be performed in one second). Wheeled vehicles cannot do this (Jeffy/Samson)
• Tachyons, artillery and banishers can move in reverse at 60% max speed.
• Improved Air Units manoeuvrability and lowered TurnRadius (allowing close move commands)

• Diminished blast radius damages versus Commanders, still lethal at dgun range.
• Torso turnspeed increased 33% + dgun reloadspeed reduced 10%
• UWLaser damages increased to 150 dps (default) and 75 dps (subs).
• Decoy commanders have been given same lasers as regular commanders
• Decoy commanders 8% cheaper + same buildpower as com + added Radar, LLT and AA as buildoptions

• Air transports unload bug fixed: don't have collision enabled anymore
• Thunder hp increased 560 -> 600 and speed increased 8.15 -> 8.50.
• Fixed flak doing ludicrous damage to ground units
• T2 bombers are in between current and right before the nerf of ba v7.92 (now better buildtime and cost less energy)
• Airlab costs decreased (1500e -> 1370 arm and 1400 core, 900 m -> 850m arm and 1000m -> 870m core).
• Chainsaw costs 8700e 750m => 7000e/600m, airlos 1000 -> 1200, range 1200 ->1250
• Armaak: missile damages +33 % (1:150 => 200 and 2:75 => 100)
• Coraak: flak reload time 5.5 -> 4.5

(AA) missiles:
• AA missile range increased a tiny bit
• T1 aa: pack0 and sam range increased, missile damage increased slightly and price increased 10%
• Fighters have been given more range due to slower missile speed and missile turnrate

Long range plasma
• Plasma shields are 50% weaker to non LRPC shots, 10% more range, cost reduced by 20%.
• Armvulc and corbuzz cost increased by 40%
• Bertha and Intimidator weapons have 15% more Area of Effect

• Thuds and hammers will use a high trajectory mode when lowtrajectory weapon cannot shoot, due to obstacles/ally units on the way.
• Rezbots have 15% reduced speed, 50% reduced reclaimspeed (in addition to global -10%), 25 % reduced repair/rezz speed and 25% increased HP.
• Guardians/punishers have lower m cost (1500 -> 1250)

• Fark workerspeed increased 16%
• Armmart and cormart (mobile T2 arty) do 15% more damage
• Morties are 5% slower and are a bit less accurate (even more when moving)
• Fixed viper overshooting (when aiming at radar dots)
• T2 mexes now use 20 energy instead of 25. (exploiter consumed 12, and now 20 aswell).
• Moho Exploiter now has same health (2000 -> 3500) as regular moho, but does less damage per shot
• Core Tremor m cost 2000 -> 1800 + accuracy increased 15%
• Pelicans damages 70 -> 80, hp 910 -> 1050, turretspeed 150 -> 200 (y and x axis)

• Vanguard does 15% more damage
• Marauder does 10% more damage and has 5% more health
• Shiva has more sightdistance (300 -> 520)
• Reintroduced KrogStomp (vs ground scouts + pws/aks only) aswell as a GFX/SFX
• Removed T3 Hovercrafts from t3 sea factories, reduced costs, weaponery, hp and tweaked model size.
ARM = 1150m/33000e, 4750hp, UW capable cannon, 370 aoe damages per 1.8s
CORE = 950m/12000e, 3800hp, Surface only Heavy beam laser, 2150 damages over 1s per 9s.

Mod options
• Added map_terraintype: allows to cancel the TerrainType movespeed buffs of a map when disabled.
• Added map_waterlevel: allows to alter waterlevel (-1 = dry, 0 = unchanged, 1-100 = %maxheight)
• Added map_tidal: allows to change tidalstrength value (unchanged, low = 13, medium = 18, high = 23)
• Added mo_unba (Unbalanced Commanders) modoption. When enabled, the commander levels up as it gains XP, therefor gaining new weapons and abilities.
• Added reclaimunitefficiency (Set how much metal a reclaimed unit should give back. 1 = max, 0.5 = half)
• Added mm_diminish_factor (The strength of diminishing returns from metal makers. 0 = off, 1 = very strong diminish effect.)
• Control victory options: info on startup and offers a better scoreboard window
• Optional: Small (2x2) wreckage dont block movement (smallfeaturenoblock)
• Optional modoption for fixed hitspheres (requires firethroughfriendly enabled)
This replaces hitboxes with correctly sized hitspheres.
Currently hitboxes are smaller than desired, this was done so that units can somewhat can fire over others
Smaller than desired hitboxes result in missed projectiles or projectiles passing through without hitting

Sea reworked:

T1 ships:
• Increased T1 shipyards costs.
• Increased Patrol Boats laser reloadtime and decreased hp, costs. Added a small sonar. Tweaked their speeds. Reduced AA range.
• Decreased Submarines costs and HP, tweaked their speeds.
• Decreased Destroyers speed, costs, and depthcharge AoE/speed, increased range, damages (especially towards submarines), HP and reloadtime.
• Added Plasma Frigates to both factions available in T1 Shipyard.
• Added Support Frigates (AA/Antisub) to both factions available in T1 Shipyard.
• Reduced Construction ships costs, buildpower, added land labs in buildmenu, tweaked speeds.
• Reduced Corvettes costs and HP, tweaked speeds and renamed "Fast Assault Corvette".
• Reduced rez submarines hp, costs, worketime and rez speed, tweaked speed.
• Added the Construction Hovercraft to the t1 sea labs.
• Nerfed the Construction Hovercraft build power to 90 for both arm and core (arm 150, core 125 before nerf)

T1 buildings:
• Guardian, punisher, ambusher and toaster now have increased damages against ships (this was an old BA feature)
• Added Gun Platform to both factions available in T1 ship con, t2 engineer and Commander buildmenus.
• Reduced the Floating HLTs costs.
• Reduced the Torpedo Launchers costs, reload time and damages, increased their ranges to 475.
• Added Nanot Turret Platform to both factions available in amphibs, hovers, t1 construction ships and seaplanes.
• Merged the sonar and the floating radar into a floating Radar/Sonar tower with 1200 sonar range and its old radar range. Radar cost unchanged.

T1.5 Seaplanes:
• Reduced the factory's metal and energy costs
• Used the generic amphibious build menu for Construction Seaplanes
• Reduced some of the energy costs that were crazily huge.

T1.5 Amphibious lab:
• Removed Submarine from amphibious lab.

• Uses Raw move to avoid needless turns in water
• Ships can now turn-in-place (as it did back in 2012). This allows better control on boats by being able to anticipate if the unit will slow down for the turn or keep its max speed.
• Globally, maxspeeds, accelerations, brakesrates and turnrates have been decreased for a smoother handling and better feeling of inertia. In terms of balance, this also results in ships being globally weaker to non instantaneous (non beamlasers) weapons (including each other as most ships use plasmas).

• Add SystemPrivacy=1 to springsettings.cfg to not send your system info
• Increased default player unit limit to 1500
• Renamed a lot of unit id's, so they start with arm/cor and the id fits the name
• Krogoth model scaled down (10%) and bantha model scaled up (5%) Flagships scaled up (15%)
• Some models scales have been changed in order to add a ship feeling to them (mainly longer Z-Axis)
• Arm Beamer updates its aim faster when firing
• Half the amount of critters, and smaller in size

• All new particle/lighting effects!
• Radar/distance icons are more detailed/sharper and more various
• Projectiles/explosions/laserbeams can have lighting. 'Lighting Effects' option toggable via options widget. (default enabled)
• Added outline widget, toggable via Options (default disabled)
• Unit textures reprocessed with bigger color range and less grain
• Some units got remodeled for better looks
• More units have been given a shatter effect on death
• Bloomshader: prettier and more pronounced, added brightness slider and highlights toggle to Options
• Snow: added amount slider, map toggle and auto-reduction option to Options
• Some walking animations are improved
• Changed some missile models
• One universal tank script for the most basic tanks, which has preset animations that can be tweaked directly via unitDefs

• Console split into Chat Only and Battle/Autohost:
Chat console will handle all chats between players from and to lobby/all/team/spectators.
Battle/Autohost will handle all battlestates messages (warnings, errors, pauses, lags, afk, resigns...) and all autohosts messages (votes, rings...)
"!xxx" commands are hidden from players and only the feedbacks will be seen in the battle/autohost console.
Autohosts feedbacks on invalid commands or rings are hidden from players unless your name is mentionned by the host or you are the one who attempted the command.
Autohosts vote feedbacks only include: who started the vote, whose votes are missing, and vote results.
• GUI background 10% darker
• Added Tooltip widget, shows tooltips at mouse cursor location
• Buildmenu: shows metal/energy cost and tooltip on hover
• Buildmenu: could show shortcuts when enabled via Options widget
• Buildspacing shortcuts B and N are now ALT+Z and ALT+X
• Player Color Palette widget has beed added (rainbow scemed team coloring, toggable via Options)
• Removed 'Allies' label from advplayerslist
• Added grabinput widget (enable if you have problems with mouse detection in (borderless) window mode)
• Pausescreen changed and darkens screen or decolorizes it when shaders enabled
• Restyled prestart faction change widget (also scales with resolution)
• Spiced up the loadscreen progress bar, and removed old loadscreens
• Replaced engine info screen (shortcut i) with our own variant
• Spiced up 'Buildbar' and 'Selected Unit Buttons' widgets
• Added additional extensive unit description (by PtaQ)
• Unit info widget removed (the one that had the ctrl+u shortcut)
• Added quit button showing a custom resign/quit window
• Added widget "Set fighters on Fly mode" (default enabled), toggable via options widget
• Added widget "Depth of Field" (default disabled, when enabled: toggle with f10) ctrl+[] to in/decrease DoF
• Added widget "Tombstones" (default enabled), toggable via options widget
• Button click sounds added for various widgets
• Various (ui/control) widgets disable when you become spectator
• Unit stats: when not spectating: disabled unit info screen for selected units

Top bar widget
• Resource bars, Energy Conversion, Wind Display, Com Counter, Rejoin progress merged into 'Top Bar' widget
• No com counter when teams consist of just 1 player
• Escape key now hides windows: Keybinds, commands, changelog, options, quit, gameinfo
• Teamstats widget renamed, bugfixed, simplified, spiced up and has a fixed position
• Changelog widget: version shortcuts only show for every 10th version number

• Added graphics presets
• Added labeled option groups, and a lot of new options
• Fixed that not all settings remembered their values

• Removed useless repeat/stop/wait order buttons from a lot of buildings
• Commands FX widget: improved performance
• Fixed units flying across the map after unloading from transporters
• Thanks to the new engine and pathfinding units will not get lost when walking along walls (ie. dsd west north spot)
• Ally Cursors widget: improved performance
• Fixed Team stats widget creating an unresponsive darkened/blurred screen
• Fixed commander nametags occasionally showing spectator name
• Fixed cursor size changing after alt tabbed to desktop and back
• Fixed glitchy/spiky healthbars shader on current intel gfx and very old cards
• Fixed unit_stats crashes when hovering enemy units. And dps values for beamlaser and stockpiling weapons
• Settarget queues will now be paused when a unit attempts to dgun.
• Settarget will stick to water surface instead of ground level if main weapon (weapon 1) cannot reach underwater.
• Highlight unit/highlight selected units widgets skip a unit when its shown as icon
• Map startbox widget wont enable fog any longer
• Fixed BA los colors not initializing on first launch + enabled radar view by default