Balanced Annihilation

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File Information

Title / Version Balanced Annihilation 9.46
License Freeware / Free
Filename ba-v9.46.sdz
Filesize 27.57 MB
Date 09/22/2016 - 13:19
Publisher / Author Floris (Uploaded by Floris)


- Ready/substitute button smaller
- Options: fixed options + added toggles for bloom, UI blur, xrayshader, snow, darken map, command fx
- Options: combined fps/clock/gamespeed, removed advsky toggle, treeview slider, high-res los toggle
- Options: shadows has toggle when shadow quality manager widget is active, else it has a slider
- Options: allows inverse scrollspeed
- Flash tank: stripped burst fire (per turret), now its continuesly firing (no balance change)
- Added modoptions (created by Forboding Angel):
- modoption: controlvictoryoptions (control areas to win game)
- modoption: betterunitmovement (units accelerate/respond faster and turn better)
- modoption: firethroughfriendly (you can fire through allied units)
- modoption: smallfeaturenoblock (you can fire through smaal features/wreckage 2x2)