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File Information

Title / Version Balanced Annihilation 9.00
License Freeware / Free
Filename ba-v9.00.sdz
Filesize 26.28 MB
Date 07/24/2015 - 21:57
Publisher / Author Decay (Uploaded by Decay)


8.18 -> 9.00

Configurable widgets
- Healthbars now have a border around them. (toggle style with /healthbars_style) Bars for wrecks are smaller, decolored and only show when zoomed a bit more.
- Ally-cursors now show playernames next to them. (toggle with /allycursorplayername and /allycursorspecname)
- Added snow widget. Addes snow to maps using a snowy name. (toggles with /snow, and remembers setting per map)
- Added Smart Select widget. (default off) Selects units as you drag over them. (modifier keys: SHIFT: select all, Z: same type, SPACE: new idle units, CTRL: invert selection)
- LOS colors greyscaled + use ';' key to toggle between los / los+radar
- LOS view is enabled by default. If you dont like it - just disable widget "LOS View"(gfx_los_view.lua)

- Rezzed units will get a small halo above them.
- Enemyspotter looks better and has increased performance.
- Commands FX, lines are now textures with V shaped arrows + glow at endpoint diminishes over time.
- Added Shadow quality manager: sets shadow quality max at start and lowers this when average fps gets lower and lower. (this widget wont enable shadows)
- BuildETA is slightly smaller.
- Units with self-d command show wit ha skull icon and countdown time.
- Units that were given to you will show a 'new' icon. Icon fades out gradually, unless they are out of sight, then the fadeout process starts over.
- Smooth camera widget is slightly faster in moving camera.
- Projectile lights are less bright now.
- Customformations got a more glowy endpoint texture
- Added highlight selected unit shader widget. Uses health colors. (default not enabled, wont render highlight for cloacked units)
- Added Xray shader widget. A modest version, shows more instense when zoomed out. (its based on ZK version, but I improved performance quitte significantly)
- Added anti ranges widget. Fades when zoomed in. Purple: anti being build. Red: building complete, 0 in stock. Orange: 1 in stock. Yellow: more than 2 in stock.
- Commander name tags: different name style. when zoomout stays large.
- Map Startbox: fixed jagged edges + Commander name tags styled names.
- Added mapmarks widget: draws growing circle at newly placed mapmarks. Erasing also shows a little ground-glow feedback.

- Rounded borders for all backgrounds.
- Uniticons were streched out a lot everywhere, now reduced that to nearly squared.
- All uniticons are re-processed with a small bevel and rounded corners.
- Added GUI shader: blurs background of various GUI elements. (disable widget to remove the blur, change its style with /guishader)
- Red UI completely restyled.
- Red UI build/order menu: only shows paginator when it is required, uses space to draw extra row of icons.
- Red UI fix: not able to move elements. in f5 (hidden gui mode)
- Red UI Energy/metal resource bars got a gradient applied. Also did this for order-menu toggle button 'leds'.
- Selected units bar restyled.
- Volume OSD has half as much bars and is restyled a bit.
- Added wind strength display. Shows average windspeed in bottom right.
- Comcounter: small style adjustment.
- Replaybuttons: restyled
- Added catchup (reconnect) status bar.
- Simplified energy conversion slider. Made slider draggable over the whole display.
- Console displays recent messages a lot longer (30sec). Console shows 6 lines but when pressed ctrl it will show 10.
- Ally resource bars got restyled. Also uses same player-order as the advplayerlist. Auto-scales with resolution.
- Advanced playerlist restyled. Doubleclick for camera tracking. Country flags! See if spectators using camera or move mouse. Improved res-slider bar responsiveness. Click to hide spectators Scale buttons + auto-scales with resolution.
- Added mapinfo at bottom left of the map, displaying mapname, author and description
- Initial queue: same style as new RedUI buildorder menu.
- Restyle keybind info display. The button will slide to the leftside at gamestart.
- Buildbar restyled.

- Open Hosts widget
- Lockcamera UI