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File Information

Title / Version Balanced Annihilation 8.15
License Freeware / Free
Filename ba-v8.15.sdz
Filesize 25.76 MB
Date 01/18/2015 - 19:29
Changed 03/22/2015 - 21:29
Publisher / Author silentwings (Uploaded by silentwings)


8.13 -> 8.15

- Fix luaui reload from widget selector
- Reduced metal in missile truck wrecks
- Fix AdvPlList reporting phantom substitutions
- Missile trucks can fire backwards (removed maxangledif)
- Slightly reduced workertime of Kbot cons

8.12 -> 8.13

- Tweak Mavericks, more range growth, more initial hp, less hp growth
- In-game ignore also affects players talking from the battleroom
- Show limexp in tooltip instead of exp
- Allow substitution for players who don't place a startpoint
- Players who join midgame are allocated to empty teams

8.11 -> 8.12

- Workaround for engine bug that caused desyncs in replays
- Fixed Com Counter sometimes not showing

8.10 -> 8.11

- Added 'luaui reset' and 'luaui factory reset' commands to Widget Selector
- Use meta (space) to queue set target commands
- Fixed walls being visible to enemies without LOS
- Fixed maverick exp growth
- Mavericks gain range bonus with exp (multiplier 1+exp/10)
- Slightly reduced sniper speed

8.09 -> 8.10

- Ctrl+click on name in AdvPlList toggles ignoreplayer on/off
- Fixed Liche auto-firing
- Fixed ghosted features

8.08 -> 8.09

- Widget Selector remembers scroll position, has more useful options
- Widget Selector has +/- buttons to increase/decrease size
- Widget Selector puts Widget Profiler at the top
- Stop commands also stop self destruction
- LuaUI recieves FeatureCreated/FeatureDestroyed callins for all features
- Liche does not drop target after firing

8.07 -> 8.08

- Nicer GUI for Widget Profiler
- Fixed Help not hiding when widget was removed
- Fixed Substitutions
- Fixed Built Split and Easy Facing not working together; Use the middle mouse button while queueing to activate Easy Facing
- Added State Remover widget, removes return fire and roam states (default disabled)

8.06 -> 8.07

- Fixed spiders slipping while climbing steep cliffs
- Fixed start screen being non-random
- Fixed startpos sometimes being after reconnect
- Fixed carriers drifting when landed on
- Added Commands FX widget (thanks Floris!)
- Added "help" tab to display Newbie Info ingame
- Added Factory Hold Position widget (default disabled)
- Added Widget Profiler
- Ready button flashes
- Slightly increased Sokolov range, removed MaxAngleDif
- Lowered damage reduction of T3 Hovertanks Vs land
- Commando doesn't build crawling bombs, slightly reduced build range
- Changed units built by engineers: Freaker builds (Commando, Pyro, Gimp), Consul builds (Rocket Spider, Fido, Maverick)
- Made Gimp sonar stealthy, increased dps of torpedos
- Reduced cost and buildtime of Seaplane Platforms
- Reduced Zeus health