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File Information

Title / Version Balanced Annihilation 8.06
License Freeware / Free
Filename ba-v8.06.sdz
Filesize 26.07 MB
Date 10/08/2014 - 21:35
Changed 10/21/2014 - 19:08
Publisher / Author silentwings (Uploaded by silentwings)


8.05 -> 8.06

- Fixed passive builders lua error
- Spies have sonar stealth
- Fixed Set Target on ally units
- Improved hotfix for stuck in draw mode8.04 -> 8.05


- Improved performance of Passive Builders gadget
- Passive builders don't show as resource pull unless they are using resources
- Added numpad keys for camera control
- Added q key for drawing

8.03 -> 8.04

- Removed no longer used DGun Limit modes
- Fixed Red Console not catching spammed "wrong version" connect messages
- Fixed UW Gantry not being buildable in deep water
- Fixed Sokolov and Lun missing sonar
- Cleaned up modoptions

8.02 -> 8.03

- Comblast/Dgun range always shows for selected coms and enemy coms
- Fixed Ignore List
- Fixed Set Target errors
- Added "o" to rotate buildings (hopefully _everyone_ has an o key...)
- Hotfix that should prevent most of getting stuck in draw mode

8.01 -> 8.02

- Fixed mapmark names after substitituion
- Fixed cancel target command
- Added "Alternate Chat Keys" widget, with old style keys, default off
- Added , and . keys to rotate buildings (hopefully works on all keyboards)
- Hotfixes for f6 and backspace keys
- Removed lightning sound

8.00 -> 8.01

- Updates for Spring 98.0
- Players who drop before the game starts can be substituted by specs (provided the TS difference is small enough)
- Added Open Hosts widget to display a list of currently active hosts to specs
- Added (unsynced) commands /muteplayer , /unmuteplayer , /mutelist
- Muted player list is remembered between games
- Added a meteor shower to Armageddon
- Added a new Limit DGun mode "charge"; if set, firing DGun uses/needs 10% charge, charge replenishes by 1%/s, is set to 0% on unload
- Added a startpoint guessing routine for continuous metal maps
- Added FFA startpoints for Throne, Dworld, Mearth and Blindside (see **)
- Added special smoke to Commander explosion for top ranked players
- Added queue functionality to Set Target
- Comblast/Dgun range only shows when an enemy unit is nearby
- Passive Builders behave more intelligently
- Improved scoring for efficiency award: (dmg dealt)/(cost of units)
- Default line command is always move
- Fixed Lock Camera interaction with SpecFullView
- Fixed commandos sometimes sliding across the map on unload
- Fixed minelayers attacking things that weren't mines
- Engineers don't build Viper/Pitbull
- Slightly increased Rocko/Storm costs and buildtime

- T2 Sea Revamp:
-Seaplane Platform is slightly cheaper
-Seaplane Con is more expensive, has more health and workertime, doesn't build U/W Fusion or Moho Metal Maker
-Seaplane Torpedo Bombers are now Torpedo Gunships
-Seaplane Bombers/Gunships are more like (normal air) T2 Bombers/Gunships
-Core Seaplane Bomber drops "dambuster" bouncing bombs, Arm drops "normal" firebombs
-Arm Seaplane Gunship fires lightning, Core fires plasma
-T2 Torp Launchers removed -> converted to Anti-Air Torpedos, buildable only by T1 Sea Cons
-T2 Sea Labs are slighty cheaper, T2 Sub Cons are more expensive
-T2 Missile Ships are very long range/very slow reload (Core paralyses, Arm damages)
-T2 Sea Fusion and Metal Makers are more expensive
-T2 Sea Metal Makers float, have same conversion ratio as land T2 MMs
-Added a T3 hovercraft, "Sokolov" for Core, "Lun" for Arm
-Added T2/3 amphibious gantry, buildable by Sub Con, builds T2/3 amphibious units
-Fixed Depthcharges and Torpedo (from Bombers/Gunships) not making a splash
-Fixed UW fusions displaying health to enemies