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File Information

Title / Version Balanced Annihilation 7.73
License Freeware / Free
Filename ba773.sdz
Filesize 21.4 MB
Date 03/24/2013 - 01:20
Publisher / Author silentwings (Uploaded by silentwings)


Changes for 7.72 > 7.73

-New loadscreens (thanks Floris!)
-Added cmd_keep_target widget (-> units keep last attack order while moving)
-Added lock_camera widget (-> you can follow other peoples cameras)
-Added com_counter widget
-Added blackened crosshair cursor to show when an attack command will fail (beware, new engine feature and it sometimes guesses wrong!)
-Added collision volumes for almost all units (fixes units not firing when clumped)
-Replaced unit_marker widget with Adv_Unit_Marker (thanks LEDZ!)
-Replaced snd_volume widget with snd_volume_osd (-> use -/+ keys to change volume ingame)
-Made enemy_spotter widget look much nicer and handle multiple enemies (thanks Floris!)
-Made z,x,c,v 'keybinds' work with initial_queue widget
-Fixed t1 veh/sea cons lacking buildrange for t2 labs
-Fixed un-buildable (in 92.0+) sea units
-Fixed un-killable paralysed aircraft
-Fixed mines blocking units (in 92.0+)
-Fixed coop mode
-Fixed liche (!!)
-Several small bugfixes
-Pushing units is now a modoption, default enabled
-Startpoints now cannot be placed within the dgun range of another start point
-Took away radar, sonar and LOS from crashing aircraft
-Units built by engineers changed: Consul now builds Fido,Zeus,Maverick; Freaker now builds Pyro,Can,Commando
-Increased Panther energy cost 4200->6000
-Removed 50% EMP damage reduction recieved by Bantha
-Vanguard health decreased 12k->9k, reload time increased 6->8
-Mercury & Screamer changed substantially, hopefully they are good anti-air-swarm defence now
-Vulcan & Buzzsaw will now fire at/over/into hills if you ask them too
-Parts of BAR appearing behind the curtains ;)

~ Beherith, Bluestone, Nixtux, VeryBadSoldier, BrainDamage, DeadnightWarrior, Decay, Funkencool, Firestorm.