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File Information

Title / Version Balanced Annihilation 7.30
License Freeware / Free
Filename ba730.sd7
Filesize 19.02 MB
Date 03/27/2011 - 08:02
Changed 03/27/2011 - 08:13
Publisher / Author Niobium (Uploaded by Niobium)


Version 7.30 of the popular Balanced Annihilation game.

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Changelog 7.20 --> 7.30

- Fixed pathing for Eraser
- Fixed pathing for Bantha
- Fixed pathing for Construction Ship
- Fixed pathing for Fatboy
- Fixed pathing for Jammer
- Fixed pathing for Pincer
- Fixed pathing for Skimmer
- Fixed pathing for Vanguard
- Fixed pathing for Spider
- Fixed pathing for Invader
- Fixed pathing for Construction Ship
- Fixed pathing for Garpike
- Fixed pathing for Roach
- Fixed pathing for Croc
- Fixed pathing for Copperhead
- Fixed pathing for Scrubber
- Fixed pathing for Spectre
- Fixed pathing for Shiva
- Fixed pathing for Banisher

- Fixed range of Fatboy
- Fixed range of Fido
- Fixed range of Luger
- Fixed range of Crusader
- Fixed range of Warlord
- Fixed range of Pillager
- Fixed range of Tremor

- Fixed stealth of Spoiler
- Fixed stealth of Podgy
- Fixed stealth of Dragonfly (Bonus: Passengers become stealthy)

- Fixed air targeting of Banshee
- Fixed air targeting of Luger
- Fixed air targeting of Sharpshooter
- Fixed air targeting of Pillager
- Fixed air targeting of Diplomat

- Fixed depth of all submarines
- Fixed underwater pathing for all submarines
- Fixed sub targeting of underwater buildings
- Fixed ship targeting for subkiller submarines

- Fixed disproportionate comwreck hitsphere
- Fixed disproportionate solar hitspheres
- Fixed T1 defence hitspheres (are now hitboxes)
- Fixed dynamic hitspheres gadget making units unhittable

- Fixed vehicles being unable to exit vehicle labs due to automatic terraforming
- Fixed Dragon's Claw being mobile
- Fixed Marky (radar kbot) armorclass
- Fixed liche impulse on commanders
- Fixed Doomsday script
- Fixed RedUI chat console