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File Information

Title / Version Balanced Annihilation 6.6
License Freeware / Free
Filename BA66.sd7
Filesize 9.47 MB
Date 12/14/2008 - 18:14
Changed 01/04/2011 - 20:55
Publisher / Author NOiZE (Uploaded by NOiZE)


- Raised LosMipLevel and AirLosMipLevel for a great reduction in lag

- Fixed Krogoth vlaunch misfiring
- Fixed Liche autofiring
- Fixed Recluse range
- Fixed some gfx corruption in bomber explosions
- Fixed the 'no more mexs to upgrade' notification on the mex upgrader gadget being sent to every player

- Added moho exploiter fix widget
- Added proximitypriority tags to some high trajectory cannons so they prefer further away units
- Added collidefriendly=0 to some aircraft weapons to stop them hitting eachother when tightly packed
- Added some custom textures to arm and core missile trails
- Added some weapon gfx effect improvements (Zeus, Bantha)
- Upgraded defense range widget
- Fixed take reminder widget (sends the proper /take command now)
- Added the 'no duplicate orders' widget

- Removed an unused 'FORT' category from the SAM
- Removed seismic sig from stumpies
- Reduced the volume of metalmakers on/off sounds

- Beamer turret rotation speed increased, targetmoveerror reduced slightly
- Double LLT tweaked so each laser can find different targets
- Double LLT now slightly more energy efficient than two llts (-60 vs -80 drain on constant fire)
- Dragons claw, Dragons maw no longer attempt to attack aircraft
- Added 'DragonsDisguise' gadget, this can stop units from noticing dragons claws/dragons maws until they've popped up

- Blade speed increased (~5 to 8), renamed from 'Heavy' to 'Rapid Assault'

- Zeus buildtime lowered by ~15%
- Fido speed increased by 15%

- Raised burst DPS on SAM, packo slightly
- Chainsaw & Eradicator now deal good burst damage at range rather than low damage over time.
- Screamer/Mercury now have a fire delay button, you can specify per turret how many seconds to wait before firing once an enemy is spotted (0-5)

- Reduced the chain explode factor on the lighter tech 3 mech deaths
- Kargs and Razorbacks can now target features (ie, can eventually shoot through corpses & dragons teeth)
- Razorbacks acceleration and turret speed increased slightly
- Raised the Arm Vanguard HP (18000)
- Juggernaut main cannons now no longer avoid features (it wouldn't attempt to fire through corpses before)
- Lowered Juggernaut HP (300k)
- Bantha hand cannon dps increased
- Increased buildtime on Bantha, Juggernaut, Krogoth
- Increased workertime on gantries slightly
- Reduced the energypershot on Vulcan & Buzzsaw (constant fire: vulcan -18k, Buzzsaw -21k)
- Bantha is now amphibious

With many thanks to TheFatController to making this release possible!