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File Information

Title / Version Balanced Annihilation 10.09
License Freeware / Free
Filename ba-v10.09.sdz
Filesize 175.84 MB
Date 06/20/2018 - 19:03
Publisher / Author Floris (Uploaded by Floris)


• Commander speed underwater decreases to 66% of it's value when depth > 47
• Flamethrowers dont spray as wide as before
• Nanos and Nano platforms self-d deal 140 damages instead of 480 damages to surrounding nanos.
• Nanoframes (unfinished units) will only get hit when its build over 10% (to prevent using new buildings as shield only)
• Global acceleration buff for ships (+100%)
• Depthcharges can only target "CANBEUW" or "UNDERWATER" categories (excluding floating structures and ships)
• Since newer engines now allow it, loading underwater units is now disallowed (for engineVersion >

T1 ships:
• Reduced Construction Ships HP -15%
• Destroyers projectile speed +5%, restored full 360 degrees turret aim, sonar distance reduced to 375.
• Arm Destroyer +8% mcost, -9% ecost, + 3% speed/accel/brake
• Core Destroyer HP 4050 -> 3950 (reducing delta between arm and core destroyers health), +9% mcost
• Submarines + 10% ecost, -10% mcost
• Assult Frigates damages + 3%, turret turnspeed reduced -3%, reloadTime increased +4%, +30% e cost, +3% speed/accel/brake.
• Transport ship costs decreased to core 3700e/350m/6400bt and arm 3500e/350m/6500bt, hp decreased to arm 2900 and core 3000.
• Support Frigate becomes Depthcharge Frigate, range 400 -> 375, sonar 450 -> 400, maxvelocity -2.5%, -10% energy cost
• Corvettes +8% speed/accel/brake, +4% turn, +10% energy cost (+15% for armdecade)

T2 ships:
• Globally lighter ships with lower costs/health.
• Cruiser: raids and close combats, depthcharge against submarines.
• Submarine Killer: long range fire support, low armor, cannot shoot behind, can reverse.
• AntiAir Ship: mobile antiair.
• Battleship: long ranged plasma ship, lacks range to effectively bombard land.
• Missile ship: cheap alternative to damage coastline, surface porcs and static buildings.
• Flagship: long ranged artillery like weaponry and shorter range heavy weapons, designed for land bombardment.
• Jammer Ship: mobile jammer, low cost, no sonar jamming.

Static defenses/utilitary/offenses:
• Arm/Core floating gun platform special damages towards "heavyunits" and air categories erased, projectile speed increased (+32%), can attempt to target aircrafts.
• Reverted the shield starting power change from 10.07 (starting power increased to 33% instead of 20%)
• New command "Set Priority" in anti air order menu, switch between targetting Fighters/Bombers/No priority. (To create a bind, use action name "setpriority")

• Removed Passive energy/metal generation from T1/T2 Shipyards
• Lowered energy/metal storages for T1 shipyards (125->100)
• Underwater Moho Metal Extractors Buildtimes reduced 30% (approx 35000 -> 24000)
• Offshore mexes are now the default (and only) t1 sea mexes.
• Offshore mexes attempt to hide underwater when hit, therefore stopping the metal production for about 5 seconds.
• Reduced Construction Ships Energy/Metal production (15/0.115 -> 7/0.1) and increased Energy/Metal storages (15 -> 50)
• Increased Carriers EnergyMake from 250 to 300, decreased metalStorage from 1500 to 800

Factories and buildOptions:
• Erased T1/T2 Shipyards' radarsight
• Construction Hovercraft cannot be made from T1 shipyard
• Sea Combat Engineer cannot build Amphibious Lab, Hovercraft Platform, Dragon Eyes, Submarines
• Sea Combat Engineer builds floating flaks instead of rocket towers

• Hovercraft can now be transported
• Construction Hovercraft buildpower 90 -> 140

• Banisher missile blows up in the air after it is out of fuel
• Stumpy -3% speed / +3% turnrate
• Flash -1% speed / +2% turnrate
• Jeffy +2% turnrate
• Bulldog -2% speed
• Shellshocker -5% reloadtime
• Raider -2% speed / +3% turnrate
• Instigator -5% speed / +2% turnrate
• Weasel +2% turnrate
• Reaper -2% speed
• Wolverine -5% reloadtime

• Core Cutlass: HP reduced by 20% (1135 -> 905) and damages reduced by 15% (55 -> 47)
• Increased aircon bp (55 -> 60), decreased e cost (5000 -> 4500), decreased buildtime 10%

• Added awesome new AI tuned for BA: DAI
• mo_unba = "exponly" added to allow only the health/reload/power multipliers, no different weapon upgrades
• Added widget: "Dgun no ally", will make dgun not snap to own/ally units when near
• Added widget: "Attack no ally", will make attack command not snap to own/ally units when near
• Specific Unit Loader: Hold down Alt or Ctrl and give an area load order, centered on a unit of the type to load.
• Added more detailed weapon names
• Added group move widget: avoids giving single point move commands (splits units into a small area around command)
• Advplayerlist: system tooltip shows GPU memory usage (when availible)
• Various widget and gadget performance improvements
• Allow maps to make unit mutations

• Crowned Commander for tourney winner (CONGRATULATIONS Raghna !)
• Added names for AI bots
• Unit Stats: shows when hovering over buildmenu unit and holding space
• Unit Stats: Hide range on selfd-death explosions stats (unrelevant, it's the AoE that is relevant)
• Unit Stats: Shows a small weapon description in place of the weaponType name.
• Added laser fadeout effect + tuned laser thickness to match their damages more
• Changed/added flamethower effect
• Added widget: Under contruction gfx: draws highlight for under construction units to help visibility
• Engine replacement trees are made to look smoother
• Engine replacement trees now are crushable as well
• Various script enhancements/fixes, models improvements
• UI bars and projectile glow is less blobby: fading faster, but slower gradual fadeout

• Fixed command "Area Mex" not being available for captured builders and Unbalanced Commanders and improved its mex placement script (uses mex snap's code)
• Fixed loading widgets from maps
• Fixed crawling bombs underwater detonation
• Fixed cloaking units underwater and cloaking/decloaking cancelling current queue.
• Fixed Console in scroll mode being glitchy when an ignored line is added.
• Unit Stats: Do not use (reloadTime + beamTime) but just (reloadTime) when calculating dps. (Fixes previous commit in v10.00)
• Fixed Set Target command giving away exact target position
• Disabled unit_shipyardcollisions.lua which poorly handled ships vs shipyards collisions
• mo_preventcombomb removed, (the prevent combomb gadget is already always enabled in last commander vs last commander situations)
• Fixed unit disticon having teamcoloring residue on the edges