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File Information

Title / Version Balanced Annihilation 10.07
License Freeware / Free
Filename ba-v10.07.sdz
Filesize 128.94 MB
Date 04/06/2018 - 21:40
Changed 04/06/2018 - 23:02
Publisher / Author Floris (Uploaded by Floris)


See the release post on:

Balance changes:
• Long range T1 AA range reduced 10% (1250 -> 1125) and airlos changed: Eradicator 1000->1060, Chainsaw 1200->1060
• Storms/Rockos +4% projectile start/max speed
• Kbots global buff: +15% turnrate/acceleration/brakerate, turninplace = true, reduced slopeMod (slows on slopes).
• Plasma shield starting power reduced to 20% instead of 33%
• Halberd +9% range (275 -> 300)
• Reduced support frigates damages to subs (216 -> 150), to default (100 -> 60), to commanders (100 -> 70)
• Rocko/Zeus/Snipers/Hammers/Dominators/Krogoths/Juggernaut take less time for their first aim: torso turnspeed unchanged but activation happens while torso turns (rather than before).
• Naval engineer buildpower reduced from 400 to 200 for arm and core, added sea nano to their buildlist
• T1 scout boats paralyze multiplier reduced from 1 to 0.1 (2 bw paralyzer shot to EMP instead of 1 bw paralyzer shot)
• T1 air transport: Erased the move command when using unload.
• T2 air transport: Can transport up to four 2x2 footprint or less units, or one 3x3 or more. Unloads all units at once.
• Custom formations2: Block unload formations that are too small/wont allow all unload commands to happen (red colored dots will switch to yellow when minimal length is reached)
• Stumpy energy cost (2000 -> 2100)

Unbalanced Commanders:
• Commander's M and E production increases by 25e/s and 0.5m/s at each level (maximum 275e/s, 6.5m/s at level 11)
• Commander buildmenu upgrades changed and now consist of:
Economy: Advanced Solars (lvl3), Geo (lvl3), Moho extractor (lvl4), Underwater Moho extractor (lvl4). Replaces t1 equivalents.
Factories: T1.5 (amphibs), Arm Adv Vehicle Plant / Core Adv Kbots Lab (lvl3), T2 kbot lab (lvl3), T2 Shipyard (lvl3), Nano towers (lvl3). Doesn't replace t1 labs.
Defence/Utilitary: Fortification Wall (lvl5), Beamer/HLLT (lvl 3), T2 Popup (lvl5), Flak (lvl5), Advanced Torpedo Launcher (lvl 5). Replaces t1 equivalents.
Mobile Units: Crawling Bombs (lvl3), Spies (lvl4), Maverick/Commando (lvl5), Fatboy/Dominator (lvl6), Sniper/Sumo (lvl6)
The Fully upgraded buildmenus allows a total of 40 units.

• F10 toggles options (F8 toggles DoF when widget enabled)
• Smart Area Reclaim widget enabled by default. (Area reclaims only metal or energy depending on the center feature)
• When a buildcommand is selected, click and drag with left and middle mouse button to orientate the construction.
• Reverse move: Units able to move backwards must use CTRL key. Any command queued with the CTRL modifier will be performable backwards (and performed backwards if the move goal is behind)
• Replacing engine trees with custom trees
• Options menu has tabs
• Added Defense Ranges toggles to options
• Added "Minimap icon size" slider to options
• Added "Simple minimap colors" option to options
• Team colors based on palette suboption: "same team colors": your own team has a lighter color
• Added opacity slider for Commands FX option
• Added options: Buildmenu large icons
• Vertical launched missiles have an ground dust/fire effect added
• Changed barrel fire smoke effect
• Trees not only fall, but also dissapear through the ground
• Removed widget: "Unit Reclaimer": add CTRL modifier key to "Specific Unit Reclaimer" widget instead
• More acurate math behind 3rd award from awards screen
• More deathmessages
• Various script tweaks for kbots.
• Fixed mines detonating before they are completly built, added dummy weapon to show detonation range
• Fixed some T2 and T3 dist-icon sizes
• Fixed mobile AA not targetting at full range without an attack command.
• allowUnitCollisionOverlap = false