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File Information

Title / Version Balanced Annihilation 10.06
License Freeware / Free
Filename ba-v10.06.sdz
Filesize 127.19 MB
Date 02/23/2018 - 21:30
Publisher / Author Floris (Uploaded by Floris)


Balance changes:
• Bantha speed reduced 8%, harder to paralyze 30%
• EMP bomber more expensive: metal 33%, energy 11%
• Prevents paralyzer units attacking anything other than EMP-able units
• Dragonteeth and Fortification walls are no long EMP-able
• Fixed T2 crawling bombs not blowing on attack commands. (issue on maintenance engines)
• Footprints adjusted: armfus 7x4->6x5, armvp 8x6->7x6, corvp 7x7->7x6
• Increased Gimp's torpedos max speed 30% and acceleration 400%
• Arm/Core destroyers: Increased default depthcharge damages +25% and decreased damages vs subs -10%
• Arm/Core Support Frigates: Disabled AA, enabled surface units targetting. Damages vs subs: 216 (vs 240) and damages vs default and commander: 100 (vs 140)
• Arm/Core patrol boats: buffed range (450 -> 700) and damages (+50%) as they now become the only t1 aa ship available.
• Reduced Comblast Edgeeffectiveness from 0.40->0.317 Does 3.5k damage to commanders at dgunRange (was 3.850k)
• Added a test option "seamex": underwater|surface (default underwater)

Unbalanced Commanders (when mo_unba is enabled):
• Dgun reloadTime reduced by 0.025s at each level (0.9->0.65)
• Laser reloadTime reduced by 0.025 at each level, capped at 0.2 (was 0.4)
• UWLaser reloadTime reduced by 0.05 at each level, capped at 0.5 (was 1)
• Commander BuildSpeed increased by 50 at each level until level 7, then increased by 100 (300->1000)
• Commander Shield wont block torpedos anymore

• Added widget: Fancy Selected Units (options widget has various options for it)
• Added widget: Show Builder Queue - (default disabled) Shows ghosted queued up buildings (for allied teams)
• Added widget: Commander Hurt Vignette - red screen borders when com isn't in view and gets damaged
• Added widget: Unit Reclaimer (Hover over unit and drag an area-reclaim circle to reclaim all units within)
• Added widget: Auto Cloak Popups - (default disabled) - Auto cloaks Pit Bull and Ambusher
• You can toggle off Highlight Selected Units via options widget
• Auto Group: disabled immediate mode (like in 9.46), re-enable it via options widget
• EcoStats shows reclaimed metal/energy income (as less vibrant part of the bar)
• Unit Outline has thickness slider added to options widget and takes resolution into account
• Accurate Comblast and Dgun Range widget. Showing ranges for damage values: 3.5k, 3k, 2k, 1k and 0.
• Added "Scroll inversed" toggle to options widget
• Loadscreen shows tips, unitinfo and quotes
• Ignore Ships vs Shipyard colisions when finished for 15 seconds: No more rotation when exiting lab.
• More "RockOnWaves" animations to t1 sea floating buildings (tidals/metalmakers/dragonteeth)
• Fixed Air mesh not refreshing when map_waterlevel is used.
• Flak and mercury/screamer projectile explosions are visually bigger
• Vehicle minimap/overview icon adjusted to match kbots icon design
• Trees wave in the wind and fall when they die due to damage (only centain tree types)
• Included barmodels modoption (default disabled) Remodeled Units!