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File Information

Title / Version Balanced Annihilation 10.05
License Freeware / Free
Filename ba-v10.05.sdz
Filesize 42.96 MB
Date 02/02/2018 - 14:04
Publisher / Author Floris (Uploaded by Floris)


Balance changes:
• Fixed: HLT's, corvp/corap/coralab have larger explosion
• Arm EMP building has 10% less range
• Leveler and Pyro can only shoot at surface units
• Reduced Maverick dps 5%, and gets less range when gaining experience
• Reduced vehicle max-speed: Flash 3%, Instigator 3%, Raiders 6%, Stumpy 6%, Panther 5%, Croc 5%, Bulldog 5%, Reapers 5%, Scouts 2%, Weasel 2%
• Reduced ArmRoy damages to submarines (390 -> 300) and corroys damages to submarines (410 -> 315)
• Reduced Support Frigates AA missiles reload time (2 -> 1.5s) and increased damages (110 -> 140)
• Arm/Core T2 Torpedo Launcher HP buffed (1500 to 2500) reloadTime reduced (arm: 3.1->1.75 core: 5.6->3.16) + removed special damages to commanders

Unbalanced Commanders (when mo_unba is enabled):
• Fixed modrules loading error when mo_unba is enabled
• Added evolving build menus: disabled upgrademex/areamex for commanders when mo_unba is enabled
• Unit Stats: Shows Commanders' currently used Weapons, current BuildSpeed and current Level when experience is known to the user.
• Using lower values for ResourcesUse to Exp ratios, higher for ResourcesMake to Exp ratios, and a better Damages to Exp ratio.

• Units that only can shoot at surface category units wont chase non-surface units (bladewings benefit from this)
• Disallowed build commands of disabled build options in the unlikely case user widgets could allow overriding the limitation
• Unit Stats: Show real time values rather than UnitDefs' values when available (maxHP, armor, speed/accel/turnrate)
• Shields are more transparant and have less 'burst'-line parts (also bursts dissapear when emp'd)
• Starburst missiletrail color changed to red (was green)
• Worker type unit explosion has been tinted green
• Added option: 'use teamcolor' option for highlighted selected units
• Fixed Faction change widget: guishader works now
• Fixed Top-bar text elements being out of place after a resize/alt-tab
• Fixed highlight selected units failing to show in rare occasions
• Fixed tombstone color-shifting at certain angles