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Balanced Annihilation

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File Information

Title / Version BA Chicken Defense 3.05
License Freeware / Free
Filename bac-v3.05.sdz
Filesize 7.73 MB
Date 08/11/2011 - 23:22
Changed 09/25/2013 - 21:58
Publisher / Author TheFatController (Uploaded by TheFatController)


Requires Balanced Annihilation 7.81 to play!

Changelog 3.05 (BA783)
- Fixed the Very Hard chicken name
- Refactored an unsafe call which could cause rarely Spring to crash

Changelog 3.04 (BA783)
- BA Version updated to 7.83
- Added Epic difficulty lots of chickens spawn but with 2 minutes between waves, Chicken Queen on Epic also spawns with 4 Very Easy queens
- Added some missing BA modoptions
- Small dodo autoheal buffs

Changelog 3.03 (BA781)
- Initial Startbox setting now slowly expands the chicken start box after first spawn (still avoids players)
- The first type of Chicken Swarmers now have a chance to drop eggs, eggs can be reclaimed for 25 metal and 250 energy, they only drop under 500 grace period and more commonly as you approach the default 300 grace.
- Chicken bonus experience is now awarded as a random value up to max on spawn
- Several chicken HP raises (to go with the xp bonus 'nerf')
- Added Crow, a Chicken Fighter
- Chicken queen now spawns at a good burrow instead of just 'not near players'
- Chicken queen no longer spams all her hatchlings at once on spawn
- Colonizer meteor can now be shot down by anti-nukes
- Upped default engine unit limit setting to 1000 (doesn't affect chicken limit)
- Improved Progenitor spawning reliability a little
- Patriarch blob more accurate, prefers further away enemies
- Hopefully fixed issue where not all chicken units got killed when queen died
- Now two possible types of Alpha Cockatrice, one prefers near aircraft and one distant
- Improved Alpha Cockatrice AA weapon
- Retweaked most chicken buildtimes
- Chicken Wavers (Healers) build distance increased
- Chicken Tubes (Turrets) can now repair
- Chicken Patriarch can now repair
- Chicken Burrows now act like air repair pads
- Spikers water weapon no longer blocked by shield
- Turrets now spawn a bit earlier and only get damaged when their burrow dies instead of dieing
- Increased Dodo mass
- Spiker mass & weapon damage increased
- Fang weapon damage increased
- Normal, Hard & Very Hard Chicken Queen health increased (she gets less experience)
- Bombardier deaths do a little less damage to dodos
- Added a few new magic chicken resists:
-- Bombardier now takes less damage from some flame weapons (eg Dragons Maw)
-- All terrain chicks now takes less damage from lighting weapons (eg Dragons Claw)
-- Patriarch takes less damage from Viper/Pitbull
-- Apex Swarmer takes less damage from Doomsday/Anni main gun

Changelog 3.02 (BA781)
- Fixed a bug new to 3.01 that stopped chickens spawning mid game!!

Changelog 3.01 (BA781)

- Fixed roost spawning meteor effect
- Improved some chicken move defs
- Stuck chickens now attempt to jump free or are removed
- Burrows with lots of stuck chickens or chickens that never reach a target now get removed and replaced
- Made "Easy" and "Very Easy" modes easier
- Weevil Range increased a bit
- Patriarch control blob bypasses shields
- Doubled autoheal on chicken healers
- Fang health increased, dps decreased a bit
- Lots of minor tweaks and speed ups, bug fixes and possible new bugs!

Changelog 3.00 (BA781)

- Added 2 new waves:
-- Wave 4 = Low level all terrain chickens
-- Wave 10 = Final swarmer wave after lobbers
- Waves are now approx every 10% of queen anger
- Air wave now spawns almost no ground units

- New chickens:
-- Patriarch: Rare - Fires a low damage red blob that directs nearby chickens to attack its target
-- Fang: Flying spiker chicken "gunship"
-- Weevil: Low level all terrain swarmer
-- Swarmer Assault: Slightly tougher chicken swarmer than normal
-- Apex Swarmer: Highest level chicken swarmer

- Fixed a bunch of bugs including Spikers not firing their correct weapon
- Green Spikers are now a lot faster but do a bit less damage
- Lots of various tweaks to waves and behaviour