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File Information

Title / Version Advanced BA v1.64
License Freeware / Free
Filename advanced_ba_v1.64_ba720.sd7
Filesize 10.63 MB
Date 02/06/2011 - 20:24
Changed 02/06/2011 - 22:04
Publisher / Author Deadnight Warrior (Uploaded by Deadnight Warrior)


Change log:

-now using Balanced Annihilation 7.20 as base mod
-This version of Adv. BA features fixes for BA regarding the engine change from 0.82.6 -> 0.82.7, those fixes are expected for BA 7.21
-Updated all Tx.5 units to match changes of Tx units made in BA 7.20
-Chicken Defense mode unloads itself gracefully instead of producing errors when playing other game styles
-Added "Dynamic Collision Volume" gagdet, adjusts collision volumes of buildings that can open/close
-Added "State Reverse Toggle" widget, it allows right to left toggling of multi-state buttons like fire/move orders by right clicking
-Improved performance of "Don't Move" widget which sets pre-defined units on hold position
-Solar collectors can't be (ab)used as walls, as when they close, small units can walk between them
-Landmines have much lower profile (collision volume), making most shots fly over them instead of crashing into, also friendly units can drive over them
-Fixed crash related to destruction of ARM Plesiosaur or CORE Zulu
-Fixed CORE Clog script (unit used internaly by terraforming script) so that /give all, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+D doesn't cause crash
-Added Insane Chicken Queen difficulty
-ARM Penetrator got a new upgrade option, Deflorator, a sturdier version that does extra damage to n00b/virgin units (below 0.222 XP)
-ARM Deep Penetrator E usage when firing reduced 3000E/s -> 2200 E/s
-Tx.5 unit wreckages now have proportionaly more M value compared to Tx counterparts
-Some other (mostly T4) wreckages M value and max damage adjusted
-Some general FBI cleanup, mostly excess unit categories
-Commanders with shields now have a special Shield On/Off button instead of standard On/Off so it doesn't affect radar/sonar when controlling shield status
-Arhitecture centers are now cheaper and buildable by commanders as well
-ARM Exxec torso turn speed increased by 23%, reload time 0.38->0.4, E/shot 40->80, sight range 350->375
-CORE Gladiator laser damage 60->90, E/shot 10->15, rocket reload time 5.4->4.5, AoE 48->56, no self damage
-Upgraded metal extractors M cost reduced by 10%
-Resource managment aircraft can now build geothermal power plants
-Operations Centres M cost reduced by 10%
-ARM Upg. Mex changed model
-T3 metal makers production ratio changed to 125M for 6000E
-T3 metal extractors M cost reduced by 20%
-ARM Maverick got it's T2.5 version, Desperado (inspired by that movie starring Antonio Banderas)
-CORE Gimp got it's T2.5 version, Limpy
-Several T2.5 units models replaced, now slightly different from their T2 counterparts
-Tx.5 lasers now have slightly higher colour hue to indicate higher energy output
-CORE Rolling Can got a slightly more powerfull weapon (to accent it's T2.5 character)
-Ion Cannons' default damage decreased by 17%
-Fixed excessive camera shaking when Super Bantha or Mayhem fire their head lasers (only if you use Camera Shake widget)
-CORE Physetor got a small buff (weapon, health and agility)
-Most Tx.5 units have idletime of 1200 instead of 1800 as thier Tx counterparts
-Some more custom collision volumes for large buildings
-Some small visual tweaks here and there


for more details visit

Original concept by [BoS]Senna revised and developed by Deadnight Warrior

Thanks list:

I thank all players and mod fans that keep asking for more Advanced BA, Youre the reason Im doing this mod.

Mod, Lobby and Engine devs:
Overkill, Lurker and specially zwzsg for scripting and moding help.
OptimusPrime, Azaremoth for Final Frontier stuff and all people whose 3D models and units I've used.
CarRepairer, Smoth, BrainDamage, Tobi, TheFatController and some others Ive nicks forgot for LUA support.

Beta testers:
SgtPepper (comments and balancing tips), Kylost, Riedel, nixtux, romulous, TGI and everybody not on the list for making this possible.

And of course thanks to TheFatController and the whole Balanced Annihilation moddev team for providing us with an excellent base for our work.