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Metal Factions
Far into the future, different factions fight throughout the galaxy for control of resources using armies of advanced machines... "Metal Factions" is TA-inspired game that runs on the Spring RTS...
6 downloads 2019-03-10
Balanced Annihilation
• Reverted Packo/Sam change to be like 9.46 • Restored small (short range) AA missile speeds/range to be that of 9.46 Sea • Destroyer: reverted plasma weapon damages, accuracy, reloadtime to 9.46...
33 downloads 2019-02-24
Absolut Annihilation
BA 10 forked into Absolut Annihilation v0.01: Balance: Vehicles, Kbots and sea fully reverted to BA9.46 stats/costs/functionality Peewee and AK scripts improved so they will fire better under heavy...
5 downloads 2018-11-22
Under construction (learning how to create maps)
Supreme Alliance v0.01 (BA Fork)
BA 10 forked into Supreme Alliance v0.01: This takes all the new graphics, pathing, effects, UI etc. but reverts all balance changes made to BA since 9.46. 9.46 is not perfect and this will be worked...
8 downloads 2018-11-11
Chicken Test
1 downloads 2018-10-07
Evolution RTS Music Addon
8 downloads 2018-08-05
Balanced Annihilation Sea Experiment
A rebalance of the BA 10 sea, with the roles of some units changed. Full changes are in the readme at
9 downloads 2018-06-03
Balance Annihilation Sea Experiment v7
A modified version of Balance Annihilation with revamped sea gameplay
Hollywood Holocaust v10.07
this is a sound-only mod of Balanced Annihilation v10.07 :)
10 downloads 2018-04-15