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Title / Version Spring Map Edit 1.4.3r2
License Freeware / Free
Filename springmapedit_1.4.3.7z
Filesize 23.04 MB
Date 08/19/2016 - 06:53
Changed 05/19/2017 - 04:45
Publisher / Author aeonios (Uploaded by aeonios)
Website(s) https://github.com/mtroyka/SpringMapEdit


SpringMapEdit is a standalone map editor for the Spring Engine, written in java. Currently it runs on linux and windows using the provided startscripts. It can import and export smf/smt maps as well as png images, and supports editing terrain, texture, metal, terrain type and grass.

The latest version uses a single-window interface that intelligently displays the things you need when you need them. It additionally features improved camera controls and general usability compared to legacy SME.

Important: 1.4.x versions prior to 1.4.2 have a bug with saving maxheight, which causes the height scaling to change every time you load/save a map. Please upgrade to the latest version!

Java (64bit on all platforms)
Windows or Linux, 64bit only

How to run:
Windows: double-click start_win64.bat
Linux: Open a terminal and cd to the SME folder, then type
"chmod +x start_linux_x64.sh" (to make it executable)
"sh start_linux_x64.sh" or "./start_linux_x64.sh" to run it.

SME was originally created by frostregen and is now maintained on github. (see links)

version 1.4.1 notes:
-Fixes line endings for the linux and mac startscripts so your shell interpreter should no longer complain. (note it doesn't work on mac yet but that will be fixed eventually)
-Fixes an issue where mouselook would jerk your camera around much too quickly, often to the point where you couldn't tell which direction you were looking anymore.

version 1.4.2 notes:
-Fixes various issues related to height scaling.

version 1.4.3 notes:
-Fixes whole-map smoothing (no longer crashes)
-Saving the metal map now produces the correct orientation.
-Typemap editing now works properly and displays type colors as expected.
-The view menu now implements switching between view modes again. (useful for placing metal spot textures, etc)
-The renderer now updates properly when importing a heightmap.
-Length and width are no longer reversed when creating a new map.
-Max width/length are now set to 30, since larger values run the JVM out of memory.

1.4.3r2: forgot to recompile and include the jar file, also fixes line endings for the linux start script.