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Title / Version Zero-K Graph Based AI (ZKGBAI) 0.10
License Freeware / Free
Filename zkgbai_0.10_.7z
Filesize 751.83 KB
Date 07/17/2016 - 02:57
Changed 12/27/2016 - 01:57
Publisher / Author aeonios (Uploaded by aeonios)


ZKGBAI is an AI written for Zero-K. It aims to teach players good 1v1 habits and to punish bad ones, as a higher difficulty alternative to the CAI. It builds and can use most of the units in the game, builds energy grids with fusions and singularity reactors, and strives for a high level of unit control with specific behaviors for units that require special handling to be effective.

You can now tell ZKGBAI what factory you want it to play in 1v1 by typing "kgbfac facname" before the game, where 'facname' is any of: veh, hover, tank, cloak, shield, amph, spider.

Release Notes (Latest):
-Fixes for properly measuring eco in teams.
-Reduced suicide rates both for workers and for combat units, including striders and air.
-Factory tweaks
-Major eco overhaul in attempt to better balance reclaim and improve eco-to-unit turnover.
-New geometric measures for better fusion/superwep placement.
-Porc pushing is now done with math instead of polling random unit-porc collisions, which should make it more reliable and intelligent and further reduce worker suicides.
-Improved graph comprehension and rallying priorities so that it should defend itself better against raiding and attacks.
-Added preliminary support for compiling with or without debug mode.
-Added kgbfac command to allow for choosing its initial factory in 1v1.
-Added auto-resign functionality
-Added messages for various events
-Added superweapon support and value-density targeting.
-Added support for low-prio morphing its coms by one level.

ZKGBAI requires Zero-K v1.4.7.0 or newer and Spring 103.0+.

ZKGBAI is written in Java and you must have Java installed in order to run it:
Windows: requires 32 bit java
Linux: requires 64 bit java

ZKGBAI is compressed using 7-zip like many files that spring uses, so you need an appropriate 7-zip decoder to open it:
Linux: check your package repository for "7z".

to install, decompress the archive and copy the ZKGBAI folder to:

and restart your lobby.

ZKGBAI does NOT work on maps without distinct metal spots, such as trololo and speedmetal, and does NOT work with mods besides Zero-K. By Anarchid and aeonios.