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File Information

Title / Version Zero wars 2.0
Mapsize 16 x 6
License Freeware / Free
Filename zerowars_v2.0.sd7
Filesize 2.36 MB
Date 01/26/2020 - 21:55
Changed 07/24/2020 - 16:56
Publisher / Author PetTurtle (Uploaded by PetTurtle)
Windspeeds 0-0 Knots
Gravity Force 130 Newton
Start Positions 2


New factories
New deploy system for battles
New platform texture to match build grid
Platforms are active when they have a large builder on them.
Platform have a build mask, you can only build units in valid locations
Added hero dante
Added hero moderator
Guard move, units will match the guarded unit's speed
Units provide energy income determined by the amount of space they take up
Metal Income Multi setting effects unit energy income
On each wave your energy income gets converted into metal
Commanders get 50% of the metal value for each unit they kill
Dead heroes can no longer move on the spawn platform
Tweaked nexus turret and center turret

Normal timeout 2.77m -> 2.22m
heroes are uncapturable (by domi)
Hero selfD does not crash the game

Heavy timeout 3.88m -> 3.33m
Change hero kill xp to 33% of current level
Fixed AllyTeamID Bug

More xp for hero kills
Clones kills provide xp
Longer air timeout
Buffed Hero Puppy and Duck
Buffed Chicken
Nerfed Viper
Fixed Hero Upgrades Resetting on disarm (+other)

Fixed Crash related to idle units
Fixed Hero Sniper speed upgrades

Optimized wave spawns
Hero UI now rounds xp
Hero xp gain scales with player count (+ 10% for each player)
Increased Hero Knight Turn Speed
Clones can be manually controlled with cheats enabled
Lowered Chicken Prices
Nerfed Gull
Fixed combat units being moveable at player platforms
Fixed AA timeout

Updated ObjectNames to match zero-k (Fixed Crash)

Remove Old Duck
Improved hero ui
Added 4 new Hero Units
Mex are upgradeable
Added Control Points
Added upgradable mex
Tweaked Terrain
Can level up heroes with !cheats
Improved many bugs

Fixed UnitRuleParam Memory Leak

Fixed Memory Leak
Unit's will move for building
Duck HP scales properly
Fixed Duck Missile lead
Fixed bugs

Moved metal/energy income for default commander to default con
Platforms + airpads are untargetable (should stop air units from attacking flatform and airpads)
Platforms units can't move, should stop air from flying off platform
Fixed buildqueue skipping bug
Fixed antiAir timeout
Clones give set to original on death
Clones are selectable, but no commands can be given
Nerfed Chicken Shields

Fixed Cloning and xp transfer bug

No longer need nullAI
No Friendly fire, Units can fire though eachother
Rediced middle mex metal
Duck Com
HP 820 -> 2000
hp increase per level 0.8 -> 0.3
made missiles dogable
Rearm pad build power 10 -> 30
Added Chicken Factory
Detri explosion smaller
Clones transfer xp to original unit
Commander XP kills scale with commander level

Duck Com armour upgrade description is correct
Selecting clone commander shows upgrades

Fixed Com Xp Bug
Added passive E 8 income to original commander

Replaced default commanders with custom commanders
Mex income is dynamic based on player count
Custom coms respawned when dead
Cloneing zone outline is not invalid build area for air units
Deploy Zone is not buildable
Eclipse hp 4000 -> 2000

temporarily disabled chicken factory
nebula hp 11000 -> 20000

Added chicken factory
Added hover miner, hover arty and dante to medium adv factory
Added amph raider to special factory
Added paladin to special adv factory
Added veh arty, tank raider, amph riot, amph impulse to basic con

drones can be reclaimed
possibly fixed unitdeploy bug
halberd hp 800 -> 1000
skuttle cloak distance 70 -> 80
skuttle aoe 150 -> 200
kestrel dmg 450 -> 700 (2 projectiles)
basiccon buildspeed 7.5ms -> 100ms
basiccon has 100 metal and energy storage
base turret has 1000 energy storage

Game playable with no nullAI (can control your units, not fully implemented)
Can use nullAI as inactive teammates (for testing)
Spread unit deployment across frames, should make large deploys less laggy
When all players resign game ends
When all players resign on a platform it's deploy will be skipped
Updated minimap
New wave timeouts (heavy - 3.88m, normal - 2.77m, skirm - 2.22m, arty - 1.66m)
removed unused map files

Updated Map
Replaced cons with factories
FIxed building facs / caretakers mid bug
increased timeout time
built unit's can't be moved
units can now be transfered
removed op aa
lots of balance changes
moved baseturret forward
fixed plane and grebe ai

disabled cons deploying
disabled turrets with 1200 range or more
removed bomberstrike
added ulti to adv light con
air con has aa units
replaced basic con's fencer with ronin
replaced light con's ronin with fencer
nurfed drones ( + cost, - hp )

added new turrets for base, center and aa
added more copied unit states
added neutral aa on top and bottom of map
added a lot of custom units
coms now start at center
a special com is given to each player on their platform that has custom units and upgrades ( very rough )

disabled factories / static builders in mid
disabled transport units
ai gets storage
disabled unit transfer between players
added rearm pads on each side
added aa to base turrets

revamped spawn system
removed unused mex
your units only deploy in platform you started in
moved turrets
deploys and turrets face proper direction
timed out units don't explode
idle unit bug fixed

Expanded map to 16x6
Added three deploy platforms per side
Deployment is cycled though platforms, based on player count / does it contain player
Deployedment time decreased 1000 -> 800
Buffed base turret hp to 5000, reload time from 4 -> 1 second
Buffed center turret hhp to 3500. doubled projectiles
added two anti air turrets for each side intead to stop air form bombing main base
killing center turret gives 800 metal to each member of team
nullAi com removed on start
active platforms get auto mexed on start
movestate only copies to clone, does not effect move command
commanders get teleported to center platform when in deploy zone
enabled air / gs cloning

don't deploy nullAI units
self destruct wave units after 4500 frames
self destruct wave arty units after 2500 frames
units with movestate 0 get ai removed and attack enemy base
units with movestate 1 attack enemy base
units with movestate 2 move to enemy base

correct base and sub turrets spawn

temporarly disabled player cycling
enabled con deployment

don't deploy cons
removed wrecks
moved ai coms to back of platform
created base turrets with loss conditions
created sub turrets
added player deploy cycleing

disabled ai only for units with range 400 or more

wider map center
removed walls from map center
added spawn zones
moved ai coms to proper location
disabled skim ai
added some textures