River Of Flame

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File Information

Title / Version River Of Flame v2
Mapsize 14 x 12
License Freeware / Free
Filename riverofflame-v2.sd7
Filesize 23.2 MB
Date 08/14/2019 - 15:18
Changed 08/18/2019 - 17:16
Publisher / Author raaar (Uploaded by raaar)
Windspeeds 5-20 Knots
Gravity Force 130 Newton
Start Positions 4


River of Flame!


East vs West recommended.

2-8 players.

--- special rules

- units and features that fall to the lava are forced to float and burn for about 300 HP/s
(they can be rescued by air transports on various games)
- projectiles that fall to the lava are destroyed

--- credits

- uses ambient sound player made by Klon and The Yak (Audionautics, e__ - Lava SFX from freesound.org)
- uses map edge extension mask widget made by Pako
- rock meshes/skins based on the ones by LathanStanley from map "tangerine"

--- CHANGE LOG ---

2019/08/18 ------------------ NOTES v2 ----------------------

- made the lava much brighter and more intense
- modified the lava sound to be less cracky and bubbly and more rocky and fade out with distance

2019/08/13 ------------------ NOTES v1.2 ----------------------

- added tall hills covering the geothermal spots on NW and SW
- improved textures, namely added dirt/ash layer over the bridges
- override the LOS brightness levels to make fog-of-war less dark
- don't run redundant map edge extension widget on Metal Factions or ZK
- modified the lava flow and reduced how much it extends beyond the playable map area (it wasn't visible anyway)