Quicksilver Remake

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File Information

Title / Version Quicksilver Remake 1.24
Mapsize 14 x 14
License Demo / Shareware / Free
Filename qsr.sd7
Filesize 50.9 MB
Date 03/31/2020 - 23:12
Changed 05/12/2020 - 21:34
Publisher / Author icexuick (Uploaded by icexuick)
Windspeeds 3-17 Knots
Gravity Force 120 Newton
Start Positions 4


A remake of a great map Quicksilver. This version has slightly more erosion, and vegetation has become tropical. Also the island is the same size as the original, but the map is increased slightly for better area around the island.

Water is not acid.
Version 1.0. is the first launch.
Version 1.15 has lower metal (2.3) and lower winds.
Version 1.2 has some final fixes - better metal patches and full normalmap for a more vibrant look.
Version 1.21 has correct metalpatch crystals + further improvements to detail textures and better (steep) cliffs as a urgent request from Floris.
Version 1.22 has fixed cliffs + little lower metal - Cliffs are now not passable anymore by some amphibious units, so pathing is correct across the entire map.
Version 1.24 updated normal map to 8k for even more ultra detailed cliffs.