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First you need to download the Spring engine to play on this map.

Maps are ".sd7" or ".sdz" files. To install this files move them into (Unix) ~/.spring/maps
or (Windows) "My Documents\My Games\Spring\Maps".
Use the "Reload maps/games" option from the "Tools" menu in SpringLobby.


File Information

Title / Version Comet Catcher Prime 1.0
Mapsize 12 x 16
License Freeware / Free
Filename comet_catcher_prime_1.0.sd7
Filesize 58.25 MB
Date 04/28/2020 - 08:51
Changed 05/01/2020 - 19:56
Publisher / Author MaDDoX_br (Uploaded by MaDDoX_br)
Windspeeds 1-2 Knots
Gravity Force 70 Newton
Start Positions 8


By Breno "MaDDoX" Azevedo, based on IceXuick's "Comet Catcher Remake" textures, original map and heightmap from NoiZe. Key differences:

- Classic Vertical Orientation restored
- Enhanced AO and normal map
- Enhanced metal patches textures
- Clustered metal patches design to lead to more focused, less spammy gameplay
- 6 rich metal stops to promote map control areas

* Changelog from 0.9:
- Reduced metal income
- Softened normal map, increased resolution (similar file size)
- Softened Ambient Occlusion to make it less "noisy"

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