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dsdreloaded diffuse texture
19 downloads 2017-03-07
Enhanced Cursor Set
Easily viewable in game cursors.
13 downloads 2016-07-22
Bigger BA cursors
Upscaled BA cursors, avoid losing track of the mouse pointer. :) Beautiful sharp upscaling using xbrz algorithm.
17 downloads 2015-11-08
Meltwater Shading Maps
SSMF maps for meltwater map by Silentwings
17 downloads 2015-06-20
sauces for LakeLargo
4 downloads 2015-04-01
SpringTutorialGame - .sdz download
version: r1 from 12 Mayl 2011 just uploading this as .sdz because not everybody knows how to download from an online SVN. see forum or svn page to see if this file is still up to date. (currently it...
850 downloads 2014-05-18
kraken.com bitcoin
35 downloads 2014-02-28
.blend file tower07 forteress map design
dont reach to make the height map 45° from the blender wiki tutorial for springrts (this get a expotential slope : near flat to near wall)
19 downloads 2013-12-06
Map generator script
Linux shell script to generate bunch of (rather trivial) maps.
30 downloads 2013-11-15
Autonomous.WarCrime.Unit blender model
old model made with wings3d not textured or scaled blender 2.65 .blend
12 downloads 2013-11-08
Xta 9.728 xtaids update
Brings xtaids up to date with quality from other xta units, as well as adding some more units to arm tech 3 gantry. Also includes first beta of spiders vs. tortoises unitpack, but be wary, probably...
25 downloads 2013-05-22
Poster for advertising Spring made by Malric
Another Spring engine related poster. Made by Malric, should be printable on A1 (high resolution for images). Images taken from Zero-K. QR image points to www.springrts.org. Poster made with...
8 downloads 2013-05-05
Poster for advertising Spring made by Firestorm
Source of poster made by Firestorm, edit with GIMP.
34 downloads 2013-04-29
.DAE model AromoredWindGenerator cleaned updated 0.93.1
.DAE assimp imported from blender a windgenerator that can get in a box when attacked the script is not totally ended i will upload later updated for 0.93.1 (rotated to Z = top added texture team...
11 downloads 2013-03-14
repression blahbalh warcrimes
the game is playable but buged the transported unit had the colision volume rarely possible to show using alt-V in 0.89 and at 0.91 nothing changed the unit can collide and mess without damages...
24 downloads 2013-02-26
blender design a dozen
a dozen a 3d model in .blend blender2.65 format i dont know how to export them to springrts and none teached despit asks for help but they add time to troll between two ZK battle (wonder why zk is...
2 downloads 2013-02-06
Mapdev-Stage2 Working Files
51 downloads 2013-01-07
Mapdev-Stage1 Working Files
raw textures and files for beginners tutorial map. http://springrts.com/wiki/Mapdev:Tutorial_Simple
538 downloads 2013-01-07
crappy GL Attempt
just some crappy gl hax to overgrow the camera in a timelaps... yep its hack and slay.. Yep you wouldnt have wasted your day, if spring board allowed uploading executables :( Its OScism of the...
10 downloads 2012-12-29
Kaisers abandoned WIP map
this map is not in a playable state, don't waste your time with this one if you're looking for a battle
13 downloads 2012-01-24
corraid tank
7 downloads 2011-08-03
blender model untextured unfinished
im unable to texture it actually and that mandatory for the exporter plugin ; so if anyone need this models and is able to make it ingame ; i focused on walkers and weapons ; the polycount is high...
2 downloads 2011-05-16
blender models untextured by dozen
there is a dozen of models of missiles and gun and walkers untextured unfinished ; some pieces are not closed and need manually ouside ; im unable to export them at blender then if you can be better...
5 downloads 2011-05-16
Xta 9.652 beta 2 edited by Noruas
Changed various effects. Also, see changelog, seeing how things go, deadknight will release a final version number now. Most of these balance changes were meant to be done a while ago... I will...
44 downloads 2011-03-13
Lups Module for Engines of War
23 downloads 2011-02-27
mark 4
mark 4 tank
71 downloads 2011-01-04
spacerock for ct
55 downloads 2011-01-04
FireStorms KPmappack Source
Just parking some source files here, so I can share them.
23 downloads 2011-01-04
base-ota-content unzip to spring/base/ folder
3,839 downloads 2011-01-04
blender3d forteress map concept file&pics
a .blend file of 2model of forteress design for spring mapmaker sugestion ; (i hope will someone skilled will make the make since im unable to understand how to do it by myself) model merge of vaban...
32 downloads 2011-01-04
Unreal mod Tech 1 Arm raw models
This contains 41 tech 1 arm units fully uv-mapped and textured in 3ds format. All this requires is a extra texture for illumination and reflection, teamcolor and the models to be seperated into...
36 downloads 2011-01-04
Artturis Tree Set V1.1
Use these to pimp up your map! These features can also be found from this map: http://www.springfiles.com/show_file.php?id=2636 License: CC-BY Attribution 3.0 Unported ArtturisTreeSet v.1.1 (C)...
173 downloads 2011-01-04
Detail texture pack for mapping
30 detail textures for spring mapping
134 downloads 2011-01-04
xsave for xta in landbridge.
Staged battle, load and take screens in high quality. you will need this: http://springrts.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=20842 save load widget to make it work.
26 downloads 2011-01-04
Skyboxes for spring maps
40+ skyboxes for your mapping pleasure.
131 downloads 2011-01-04
3d models for wings 3d FREE for use
some 3d model used for the builder war deconstructor kkoq tutomod MODs : need wings3d editor
313 downloads 2011-01-04