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plasma sphere shader
recursive refraction effect with plasma shields
9 downloads 2018-01-23
Our game in time Benny notAnGel notForbidden is looking back at his forgotten game... history. And others are doing the same. NOTA is able to reflect its history in the same way - and you see - we...
8 downloads 2013-11-24
ground transport fireplatform DAE
trans4turn_biolab model ingame picture sketchfab link part of the next playable release
transport ground fireplatform prototype DAE
trans_turn4pod picture sketchfab link prototype version will be in alpha releases
LOS shader + engine uploaded sensor textures.
13 downloads 2013-06-19
Iron lady
Balls tribute Every nation, including robot nations, need them. Balls equiped leaders. this is notAjoke!
10 downloads 2013-04-21
video battle tutomod36 2011
==i made few of video and screenshoot == :since my games was never final :so im proud of this i uploaded at youtube but the viewers still low and im not sure than people coming at springrts are aware...
9 downloads 2012-11-07
this archive contain only a dozen of screencapture with memory usage from win7x64 springmapedit321 tested extrem springmapedit321 generating random map max size 64*64 on win7x64 famillyprem 4core...
15 downloads 2012-11-07
Spring: Total Annihilation Trailer 2
The same trailer that is uploaded on YouTube on my channel. This Trailer was salvaged from Unknown Files which was the only place you could have downloaded it! This is the best quality of this...
153 downloads 2012-07-18
because TAspringrts0.88(cavedog)
2012 06 springrts0.88 mod project: transporters gameplay: mobile units are all transporter hulls blind & weaponless & nanoless mobile unit (faking static with speed 0.1) are turet or crane...
12 downloads 2012-06-04
quadripod tank model (fido) .3do
im coming again at my passion to make design without minding about animdef modeling taxturing animdef and that so fun to me and so rare : so i need now to make the animdef fiting to this and since im...
36 downloads 2012-04-20
Spring Herp'n'Derp video or just watch on youtube if yt allows you to:
145 downloads 2011-03-13
Springfiles Sneak Preview
Design Springfiles 3.0 -> See screenshot The site is currently rewritten with Drupal. Expect a lot of new features and improvements.
61 downloads 2011-01-04
Final Sound Effects
Final Make (radjam remade Explosions shortened and Compress to OGG so much smaller and a CC license so now can be used freely =D) My New Sound Effects please enjoy and feel free to use in all your...
79 downloads 2011-01-04
heightmap design from the 1700ages vauban french forts
its an colorised isometric view of the standard heigtmap used in 1700ages in french and europa land for make black powder fortification places invented by Mr Vauban owned designer of the second after...
48 downloads 2011-01-04
New Sound Effects
My New Sound Effects please enjoy and feel free to use in all your games for they are not copy righted if you want more sound effects go to the Spring Forums And PM me would be keen to make some for...
122 downloads 2011-01-04
Jeffy fun
youtube rip showing awesome jeffy micro
51 downloads 2011-01-04
Waut, this video sucks
Babbles is a proven cheater
48 downloads 2011-01-04
Sound pitch for 0.79
Best viewed with vlc.
13 downloads 2011-01-04
Logos part 3
Logos. Part 3
8 downloads 2011-01-04
video: lets have a game of chess OH NO MONSTERS!
hey, you can not move your piece this way...
19 downloads 2011-01-04
Llamadeus vs Foople on CCR - Commentated
Commentated video of a match between Llamadeus and Foople on Comet Catcher Redux. Length: 12:47 original replay:
32 downloads 2011-01-04
Somone Finish the video
Its not done yet
24 downloads 2011-01-04
Maverick vs. 5 rockos with support - XTA
Short Video of how to micro could save you.
34 downloads 2011-01-04
Zissou vs WIsse on Small Divide - Commentated
Commentated video of a match between SteveZissou and [PiRO]Wisse[teh] on Small Divide. file type: wmv file size: 68.8 MB length: 15:21 Note: I have no experience commentating or making videos,...
59 downloads 2011-01-04
Chuck Noruas Kbot jump kick attack!
102 downloads 2011-01-04
Peewee Rush.mp3
Peewee Rush
34 downloads 2011-01-04
The Unofficial Spring Manual V4 - By panzeriv2
Another version of the Spring Manual. Major changes: More pictures. More detailed explanation of interface. Minor: Format revised.
88 downloads 2011-01-04
Spring Manual v5
Hooray, another spring manual. Spot the changes yourself.
452 downloads 2011-01-04
149 downloads 2011-01-04
Supcom water for JK
53 downloads 2011-01-04
Spring soundtrack #2
i tried to compose some sound, with the feeling of the fast pace action in spring. give it a try, and leave a comment.
50 downloads 2011-01-04
Spring music try #1[defeat]
i created some music, maybe you like it as game music. i think this song will fit as outro music when you are almost defeated. JJ
59 downloads 2011-01-04
blitzkrieg theorie for AI developers
real military 1943 video archive 2D animation : explain the frontline percing tactic used by german during europa invasion 1937_1943 impossibl for player but codable for AI bot
151 downloads 2011-01-04
PEEWEE fashion
CA mod have genocided the peewee by replacing with an usurpator ! but me i preserve it in my extingued species mod im an etnolog ...OBEY to master:try my mod:get precious GOLUM
67 downloads 2011-01-04
lolimod integration
rescaled for epic size
57 downloads 2011-01-04