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File Information

Title / Version Balanced Annihilation 6.81
License Freeware / Free
Filename BA681.sd7
Filesize 12.25 MB
Date 01/24/2009 - 00:19
Changed 01/04/2011 - 19:54
Publisher / Author NOiZE (Uploaded by NOiZE)


Fixed the missing sounds.

6.6 --> 6.8

- No longer dependant on otacontent or tatextures

- New gadget adds 'Land Mode' and 'Repair Mode' to air plants, aircraft inherit these settings.
- LUPS version updated.
- Self damage at pointblank range stopped with lua for the following units:
- Arm Flash
- Arm Peewee
- Arm Zipper
- Core Pyro
- Core Dragons Maw
- Added New Mod Options:
- (default off) Remove units with no player (useful for FFA games, not advised in team games)
- (default off) No sharing to enemies (units and resources)
- (default off) No unit wrecks (experimental gameplay if you fancy a change)

- Added Evil4Zerggin's Point Tracker widget.
- Added zwzsg's Auto First Build Facing widget.
- updated FPS Manager to use bumpmapped water when applicable.
- Updated Healthbars widget.
- Added Display DPS widget (disabled by default).
- Added BuildETA widget (disabled by default).
- Added Improved Metal Maked Widget (disabled by default).

- Fixed a number of visible CobError's for new spring release.
- Changed newboom.wav to mono to reduce volume issues.

- Arm Hammer now unpacks its weapon faster.
- Core Thud & Arm Hammer increased accuracy vs moving targets slightly.
- Arm Janus corpse size increased.
- Core Raider HP increased by 60, buildtime reduced slightly (3446->3312).
- Arm Jethro & Core Crasher now Amphibious, added to Ambhibious complex.
- Beamer energy per shot increased 1->6.

- Packo/SAM reloadtime decreased: 15%.
- Eradicator/Chainsaw reloadtime increased: 60%.
- Added flighttime tags to many AA missiles.
- Screamer/Mercury firedelay script fixed (previously only worked once!).

- Construction ship acceleration increased slightly.
- Transport hovercraft radar blob size fixed, arm script fixed.
- Core Poison Arrow turret turns a bit faster.
- Arm & Core Torpedo seaplanes damage raised 20%.
- Core Leviathan & Arm Serpant aiming vs close-up ships improved a bit.

- Core Gimp script fixed (can fire if built underwater), must now aim turret to shoot torpedo.
- Core Gimp reload time increased, accuracy decreased, buildtime increased 25%.
- Core Termite weapon gfx improved, dps increased by around 15%.
- Core Can HP increased (3850->4350).
- Arm Recluse weapon slightly more accurate.
- Arm Zeus no longer able to shoot Air.
- Arm Archangel & Core Manticore now Amphibious, added to Ambhibious complex.

- Arm Annihilator damage raised 5000->9000, Beamtime raised 0.3->1.5.
- Arm Annihilator hp raised 3000->5500.
- Toaster/Ambusher dps increases: High Traj +15%, Low Traj +45%.
- Pitbull/Viper buildtime increased by 25%.

- Juno now hits some mobile jammers it didn't used to hit.
- Plasma Deflectors buildtime and energy cost reduced by 25%.
- Plasma Deflectors charge cost raised (100->600).
- Plasma Deflectors no longer totally immune to lower ROF non-heavy plasma weapons.

- Core Catapult rockets now reach their max range more often.
- Core Shiva walk script fixed.
- Core Shiva given its own weapons, it had the Dominator missile and was unintentionally buffed with Dominator range increase.
- All special damages VS T3 mechs removed (aside from certain emp immunity).
- Arm & Core Experimental Gantry buildtime raised by 25%.
- VULCBUZZ armourclass removed, all special damages vs VULCBUZZ removed.

Again many many thanks to TheFatController for all his time and effort!