SpringFiles is build to give a reliable and trustful file hosting service to the uber outstanding Spring project.

If you want to host a original project or creative content on SpringFiles, feel free to leave us a message.

SpringFiles was built in winter 2008 to provide file resources for the RTS game Spring.
There was Unknown Files maintained by IamaCup before the SpringFiles years

First the site was called spring.jobjol.nl and the site was driven by generous donations.
Then the site renamed to SpringFiles.com, because that name makes more sense.
But you still can use both url's.

The site has been hosted for more then 2,5 years in the Netherlands, and used more then 8 TB of bandwidth.

Now the site is hosted in France since a few years.

Not to forget all the filemirrors, they have used an unknown (large) amount of bandwidth. On average it is 250GB per mirror per month.

SpringFiles 3 is running on Drupal 6, one of the greatest open-source CMS systems.

In the menu on the left you can see what the previous version was looking.

Thanks for using SpringFiles.





Help wanted!

If you've a running a stable site with >40GB space and can offer us an ftp-account, we would be happy to add your site as a mirror of springfiles.com!


  • >90GB space
  • php-enabled (a script is run to verify checksum of a file after each upload)
  • at best, unlimited traffic (traffic is currently about 250GB/Month)

if you want to offer that, please contact us! (jj or abma)

Thanks to our current mirrors: