Site Updates

Date Version Updates
 2011-08-05 3.1  - Search query displays recent files on top of the list.
 - Removed the stupid CSS5 things.
 - Fixed the maps browsing.
 2011-08-05 3.2  Latest downloads block fetched with ajax callback for cached pages
 2011-08-15 3.3  Added search functionality to various pages (AJAX).
 Traffic download stats module added; see: 
 2011-08-19 3.4  Added map, heightmap and metalmap views for spring maps.
 2011-08-25 3.5  -Added country icons to mirror download locations.
 -Search function improved.
 -Map info like windspeed for spring maps added.
 2011-09-03 3.6  A new grey color design.
 2011-09-15 3.7  SpringFiles is now multilingual. added to start with. 
Pictures get a 3D shiny overlay look. 
 2011-10-28 3.8 

Added install information for sd7/sdz files
Mac games categories added.
Since the menu doesn't work properly, the mac menu item doesnt show up everywhere.

 2012-04-13 3.9  UPQ data sync with mirror locations
Splash screens previews added for games from UPQ
Mapinfo added for for maps from UPQ