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Houses features for Spring:1944
Houses features for Spring:1944 PLACE THE ARCHIVE IN YOUR GAMES FOLDER! Games/mods can add this archive as a dependency and map authors can then use featureplacer in Gundam RTS/Evolution RTS/Other to...
1 downloads 2017-12-15
springrts_smf_compiler This tool allows the compilation and decompilation of image files to SpringRTS's binary SMF (Spring Map Format) map format.
8 downloads 2017-01-07
pyMapConv Portable
springrts_smf_compiler This tool allows the compilation and decompilation of image files to SpringRTS's binary SMF (Spring Map Format) map format.
17 downloads 2017-01-07
Measure distance
A simple tool that measures Euclidian distance on map surface. Works like the one in goggle maps. Click on button to measure, press ESC to deactivate. Didn't you always want to know the distance...
[HelpBot]BoxTool NOEXE
#NoEnv SendMode Input SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% SetBatchLines, -1 ; SetWinDelay, -1 ; ;--------------------------------------- ;[HelpBot]BoxTool ;--------------------------------------- ;Boxes...
Mapping Tools
Spring Mapping Tools including: Mapconv Start Position Editor Das Bruce's Mapconv frontend (MapConv Gui) The mapconv included in this zip file MAY be out of date by the time you download it, you can...
119 downloads 2015-02-05
Spring Settings GUI
195 downloads 2014-03-05
texfarm skins work in progress
yep, wip
8 downloads 2012-09-21
map compiler + pictures files for basic 20*20 mapmaking in lua format
this archive contain: mapconv graphic menu + a heightmap +a feature map + a metal map + a buged typemap(dont know why) and the lua blueprint container .sdd (edited & tested in game) request...
96 downloads 2012-06-03
OBJ to S3O converter
Complete S3O to OBJ and OBJ to S3O converter. Needs python 2.x to run. Launch by double clicking! Converts OBJ files to S3O files, while retaining pieces and piece hierarchies....
209 downloads 2012-05-25
map defaut lua files from engine dev
OFFICIAL ! RELASED by enginedevs here : (prefere to download the last version at this official updated location ) this just an upload of the last (2012 04 20)...
35 downloads 2012-04-20
Satan's Bugfixer
this tool searches the infolog for errormsgs. if one is found it will open the bugged script and jump to the correct line.
49 downloads 2012-04-13
Spring Features
PLACE THE ARCHIVE IN YOUR GAMES FOLDER! This is an archive containing all of the features made for spring to date. Games/mods can add this archive as a dependency and map authors can then use...
2,768 downloads 2012-03-23
Spring Stats Viewer
SpringStatsViewer is a small program that allows you to view the player statistics and graphs you normally get to see at the end of the game without having to replay the whole game. To use it, you...
29 downloads 2012-02-12
this bot starts/or activate spring, starts a game (if not already done) and spawns one or more units it is thought for developers that they have to make only one click to test their new unit......
49 downloads 2012-01-16
the funny modding tool to import/edit 3d files for spring (Upspring is not my work, i just uploaded it so it is available)
1,492 downloads 2011-11-28
3do Builder
3do Builder 2.02 An ancient tool to build Total Annilhilation models (*.3do) Authors are not me, but Kinboat, Marco, Immerman
1,262 downloads 2011-06-12
I finally found the time to make a standalone application from the widget module integrated in ZKLobby (formerly known as SpringDownloader). Key features: Browse online widget database List status...
163 downloads 2011-04-30
MapConv 2.4 with GUI
This is version 2.3 of Beheriths mapconv: Mapconv advanced version by Beherith. --2.4 minor bugfixes --Version 2.3: Added support for parsing lua files made by the feature placer (available by...
1,540 downloads 2011-01-04
Beheriths mapconv 2.2
Mapconv advanced no scanlines version by Beherith. Also CUDA support added.. tree new options added: -z "string" Optional parameter. Defines the texture compression method to be used by nvdxt. MUST...
253 downloads 2011-01-04
UpSpring Texture Pack v2
Features: - Fixed Cavedog texture pack (compared to the one released with UpSpring 1.54 EA) - Guardians of Kadesh textures - Talon Textures - The Lost Legacy texures - Common Textures for both...
135 downloads 2011-01-04
Cobbler v4
compile BOS to COB
103 downloads 2011-01-04
Updated Mozilla firefox searchplugin
Updated Mozilla firefox searchplugin
56 downloads 2011-01-04
HPI viewer
This is for opening Total Annihilation file formats! Opens .ufo .hpi .gp3 and .ccx files. --------------------------------------------------------------------- HPIView 1.9.1 - Windows HPI file viewer...
2,684 downloads 2011-01-04
Old archive mover
Moves files into program files -> spring -> mods/maps instead of home folder. may not work with vista / 7
80 downloads 2011-01-04
Modweb generator. by maelstrom. unknown version.
103 downloads 2011-01-04
C++ SpringMapEditor v0.1 alpha
It's still at very early development stage, currently supports only editing height and metal map and cannot create a smf file from scratch It is very faster than the java one Currently only compiles...
145 downloads 2011-01-04
Mapconv no scanlines hack
Compile with mothers mapconv without ugly scanlines! To install, unzip the contents to the dir where you use mapconv. Then just run your compilation .bat file as normal. To change nvdxt options,...
363 downloads 2011-01-04
Map decompiler FIXED
* Now Exporting main texture doesn't cause BSOD and works properly * Height map works correctly intead of being black on windows * Texture is rendered on SDL 512x512 window Run vcredist_x86 the first...
108 downloads 2011-01-04
SpringMapEdit Texture Pack
Just a quick texture pack I threw together for SpringMapEdit and figured I'd release it. The more textures the better, amirite? The pack contains 16 additional textures of various sorts: grass, rock...
208 downloads 2011-01-04
Mothers Map Compiler
Here it is... Easy and bug free compiling... Bad side is nvdxt contour lines :(
48 downloads 2011-01-04
This program allows you getting the texture from maps( main texture,type map, metal map,heigh map). This package contains it source. On windows, compiles but fails to run, so if someone can get it...
55 downloads 2011-01-04
Blender Plugins for Spring v0.6
S3O Importer/Exporter BOS Exporter extract into blender scripts directory by thesleepless
137 downloads 2011-01-04
Uploaded from UF. Handy and simple tool for startposition placement.
1,195 downloads 2011-01-04
FBI/TDF Changer
Runs through text files and modifies specified values.
43 downloads 2011-01-04