urban skirmish 1v1 map

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File Information

Title / Version urban skirmish 1v1 map 1
Mapsize 8 x 6
License Freeware / Free
Filename urban_skirmish_v1.sd7
Filesize 5.71 MB
Date 02/06/2013 - 14:31
Changed 02/09/2013 - 12:38
Publisher / Author Klon (Uploaded by Klon)


my first map for zk. tiny urban area with puddle in the middle, for 2-4 players. please report any issues. enjoy!

city prefab tiles by KaiserJ


great features !

im bored to desert maps : i hope there is mapmaker doing again some harbors/city full fitted with houses and destructibles things
as i remind there is only a few dozen of map showing more than natural lands

is groundtypes?
i seen none of the last map use different hadrness and not found tutorials or editor with it


well conicidenatly i just made a desert map :D but i was planning to make a ruined city kind of map in the future.

regarding groundtypes, no this map doesnt use them. its relativly easy to do tho. essentially you would set it up in your .smd file like this:


depending on your game the movespeed options may or may not have any effect. how the same thing would look like for lua i dont know, probably same just different syntax. then you need to distribute the areas in the typemap - the spring map editor is good for that, because it shows you the different types of terrain in easily distinguishable colors. actually the typemap is 8 bit greyscale bmp, and as far as i know each 1 shade of grey is a potential terrain type - so terrain 0 is always black, terrain 1 is slightly less black. since its just the same for the human eye you would need to somehow deal with that. when you painted your typemap, it should be good to go.

(hardness values are probably expressed in parts of map hardness, just a guess tho.)

point is not to edit lua files but to compile groundtype pic

thx for the desert you set to our hearts and the tutorial than can be found evrywhere but still the compil of grountype not worked last time i used the tools (this one not making me write coordinate by hand for each one of the thousand corpses)
obivously none ever care than rock is soft as sand since deformable map and weapon that make craters arenot used in games and teraformation of sand obivously dont deserve to be more expensiv than metal