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File Information

Title / Version crappy GL Attempt
License Freeware / Free
Filename overgrowth.exe
Filesize 48.99 KB
Date 12/28/2012 - 00:12
Changed 12/29/2012 - 13:01
Publisher / Author PicassoCT (Uploaded by PicassoCT)


just some crappy gl hax to overgrow the camera in a timelaps... yep its hack and slay..

Yep you wouldnt have wasted your day, if spring board allowed uploading executables :( Its OScism of the worst kind, the kind against ME.

Edit: Updated it so the recursive growing roots look more.. like roots and less like grubs. Still dont know how to undo the flickering on intel gpus.


flickers like mad dude. GL

flickers like mad dude. GL with this

sorry, worked well on my

sorry, worked well on my comp, so i assumed it would do with other too. 10 secs after upload-flickershow on my laptop :(

Thanks for giving it a try and reporting the bug. Hope i get this out, its supposed to appear at gameend in jw, overgrowing the camera. If it still doesent work by then, ill get hunted all the way to Xen.