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File Information

Title / Version Tech Annihilation 2.27.3
License Freeware / Free
Filename tech_annihilation-v2.27.3_6.sdz
Filesize 59.35 MB
Date 05/10/2011 - 18:53
Changed 05/27/2014 - 07:37
Publisher / Author Nixtux (Uploaded by Nixtux)


Short Changelog

---------------------------------------v2.27.3 ---------------------------------------


New pause screen logo

Comgate is back, with new custom teleport fx, New visual message if comgate/teleport if activated

Update furie visual effects

Update tllacid explosion

Add new commander death explosions

Many new weapon visuals

New models for chopper and tyson helis and new weapon visuals 



Stiletto, Fix broken bomb drop values

Stop specs getting death messages

Fix armmine2 not self detonating

Added tll plasma cannon to defensive range widget

Allow underwater mex's to be auto upgraded

Reduce Metron weapon sounds

Restrict unit amount to 1 for jump drive (fix's rare bug)

fix typo in cmd building hotkeys widget, Closes bug #437

Give corpunk same explosion as armflea, Closes #433

Fix popup turrets not getting hit, Closes #438

Fix countermeasure not getting hit

Fix air cons slow movement



Reduce arm/core immolator range 5100>3100

Tech lock t3 bomber's (T3.5 RC needed)

Anti Experimental cannons now unlocked by t3 RC

Replace corcrab with a redesigned cormonsta, 2nd weapon now is AA

Armmech (Killer), reduce hp by 50%

Increase hypersion selfd and explosion sizes/damage

Armsiege metalcost increased 5265>6465,damage 1450>2025

Rebalance akmech, acceleration 0.08>0.07, maxVelocity 1.15>1.0, maxDamage 51347>48779

Gorilla, Increase metal cost 12400>14500, Cannon damage 750>300 Make head laser weapon more visible

Rebalance armanter, metalcost 8215>9215, laserweapon damage 240->500, missilelauncher 150>200, selfd and explosion size increased, Change movedef for armantar will now crush t2 walls

Reduce arm/core t1.5 bomber's damage by 30%

Increase blacklily decloak distance, will now decloak more often/sooner

Armorion, Reduce maxVelocity 15>11.9 and reduce dropped bombs 25>22

Balance titan, range 1300>1600 reloadtime 1.2>0.9

Arm_furie reduce hp 255412>188788, main gun damage 180>150

Hell Diver hp 3750>4250

Champion increase damage 250>430, Moved from arm to core Experimental Vehicle Plant

Remove tech lock for armraz, no need for rc

Akmech reduce aoe of main weapon 200>128 range 800>600

Armorion, Reduce maxVelocity 15>11.9 and reduce dropped bombs 25>22

Rebalance cavalier, metalcost 1877>2177, missile (aoe 248>96, range 800>450, reloadtime 7>5, Damage 2171>1500),lightning cannon (aoe 248>96 range 1000>550)

Rebalance tllflame tower is now counterpart to arm/core boosted llt, also locked unit from build menus unless player owns assault commander or higher

Remove commandfire from commando main weapon now autofires

Increase Commander damage for leveler/janus now 0.68*default damage (was around 1/3)


--Rebalance sea con's

Arm advanced con sub buildpower 575>450

Core advanced con sub buildpower 575>450

Tll advanced con sub buildpower 650>510

Arm Naval Engineer buildpower 400>250, metal cost 213>255

Core Naval Engineer buildpower 400>250, metal cost 241>289



Add idiot proof ready button :D

Nanos now remember passive/active state after morph

Add gadget to disable on/off button while units are stunned

Builders back to passive by default

Reduce debris default damage, now damage is random between 15 to 30

Added underwater laser weapon to all commanders

Cleanup/Optimizes some model

Replaced starbusrt ceg effect with cheaper version

Updated camera lock screen widget

Added new taskbar logo

Retextured t1.5 cons, Closes #432

Many more minor changes 

Full list of changes at

Bugs at

Credits :-Some Models are in this mod are from TA:Escalation i would like to thanks archdragon , boogie ,wootan and the registeredone for letting us use these models 

Also Credits to krogoth86 for some other model used in this release


Do you use the springlobby,

Do you use the springlobby, single game with downloaded maps and have you placed an ai opponent on the map + your own fraction?
This are the requirements for playing.

How do I start a game?

when I start a game I just get an empty map completely devoid of units/commanders.
All i get is this little window:

It looks like the game wants me to do something before it can start but I'm getting no clues/hints whatsoever about what this something might be?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

Move or Remove the Annoying Box in the middle of the screen

How is the annoying box moved or removed that floats in the middle of the screen with the 2 commanders on it ?

I found the answer

Press F11 and deselect the ComCounter widget

Bug report and Feature

Bug report and Feature Request
If you try to morph your commander while in the middle of a jump, the morph will stop on landing and the stop morph button will be locken on with no way of morphing the commander again.

Feature Request :
Another game ending mode called nuted - the game will end if there are no reproductive units and or an adjustable number of significant offensive units in the game.

the insparation for this is when playing a game againsed the computer for example, often there is one unit hidden somewhere that must be destroyed to end the game.

TLL has a sonar invisible unit that is virtually impossible to detect on a large map for example.

AI ?

Which AI to use with this great mod?


E323AI works a little.
RAI works great, but it takes a while for this AI to load for some reason. Sometimes up to 3 minutes once in game. Game will seemed locked up, just wait.

working tech ai

I have tried all different types of AI and found only a few to work, and not very good for long team battles. Forget Hugh AI, AAI, KAIK, BLA, Field Bot, or some other variations. So far I have found shard dev ai to work the best, but only if modded to work for Tech Annihilation. RAI does work, but like people say, you have to wait a few minutes for them to load even when you are in the game. E323 does work, but does not do a whole lot. I haven't seen them use any newer units, just BA type - RAI units. I modded an old shard file to add in TLL race and also the tech levels, but I was limited to only tech 2 because of the research facilities and their limitation of only being built up to tech 2. Tech 3 requires a custom parameter when you click on the building to upgrade it. I don't have visual studio to re-create an ai or edit the original shard dev, only a text editor to allow tech 3 research units to become available. My goal was to design an ai to build mechs and attack in groups. I like a bit of a challenge and no puny lvl 1 bots or vehicles. Has anyone else designed an ai for this mod yet? A good one? Like shard ai was for Balanced Annihilation. or the older NTai That was the best AI they made, but no support for Tech Annihilation?


More and More Topest!

No need to tech up for better energy sources.

I have tested ARM / CORE for maker metal/energy ratio and powergenerator energy/cost ratio.

T1 constructors produce about 0.07 and 0.1 metal per second (rounded to 0.X).
* If you have makers which make 12m per 1000e, this 0.1 tank-con metal is equal to 8e - +10 metal energy production makes +18 total energy income.
* Is any T1 constructor with a cost of 100 to 130 metal supposed to produce the same amount of energy as your T1 simple solar?
* It also provides 90 build power - a nano has 250 (3 cons)
* Better spam T1 cons instead of solars - you get even more HP/cost! - or are only makers too bad?

The makers make +12, +14, +16 and +18 metal for each 1000 energy - there exist T1, T1.5, T2 and T4 makers ("T3" in T4's description is wrong, because you need a T4 con)

Floating makers make +1 more than land makers, TLL makers make 20% less than ARM/CORE while they are producing 10% more energy/cost with basic economy.
TLL's T3 fusion has included a maker with 17m/1000e - but no floating maker.

The big investment for T4 is not worth it - the economy only explodes bigger, what is useless for you - unless you want to (and could) start a suicide-run into the enemy base with your fusions :P
The only advantage are T4 makers - but between T3 and T4 is only a small gap.

TLL wind/solar is worse per cost than arm/core if there is no wind.
TLL tidal/solar - worse if per cost if there is no tidal power.

T1.5 energy drillers have a 10m/1000e maker - why are they not at least as good as T1? Should they be T0.5?

T1.5 fusion plants are worse than T1.5energy-drillers - both in weight(investment) and ressource-efficiency.
T1.5 wind is only an upsized version of T1 wind.

If the economy should be usefull, everything has to get better by 20% per 0.5 tech level.
* makers : X energy units per 1000 metal units per second:
T1, T1.5, T2, T3, T4 : 12e/1000m, 14e/1000m, 17e/1000m, n/a, 23e/1000m (not 16 and 18)
* energy sources : energy per second for each metal you spent on that building:
T1sol, T1.5driller, T1.5fus, T2fus, T2advfus, T4fus : 1e/7m, 1e/6m, 1e/5m, 1e/4m, 1e/3m, 1e/2m

This mod need more consistency between tech level eco grow.

"1) Is any T1 constructor

"1) Is any T1 constructor with a cost of 100 to 130 metal supposed to produce the same amount of energy as your T1 simple solar?"
ad 1) it does not produce the same amount of "energy" per "cost", lets take armcv and armsolar as an example,
total cost if armsolar is (145 + 0) = 145, produces 20e, so the "efficiency" is 20/145 = 13,8%
cost of armcv (arm vehicle t1 con) is (128 + 1602 * 0,012) = 147, produces (0,1/0,012+10) = 18,3e, effi is 12,5% therefore lower
you may say that its similar but when you want to really compare powerplants, you need to compare apples with apples, t1 solars are there for initial spam, to get some energy production quickly, require no energy so you can spam quite easily at the beginning, on metal maps, you really dont start with energy/maker spam first you get some metal extractors which have way higher "efficiency" and then you usually want to spam some untis which is kind of hard without energy (een if you have tons of metal). On the other hand on the greenfield-like maps, you want to get the highest effiecency metal->power->metal eco chain there is, and nobody sane would try to achieve that with t1 solars when you could have adv solars/t1,5 with much higher effi.
2) that t4/t3 description may be a bug, we will take a look at it
3) about advanced eco being useless, you forgot to take other variables into account, unit size, concetrated buildpower (nanofarms) and buildtimes. In later games it can be easier to order construction of 3 units instead of 30, also you can concetrate your defenses to protect smaller area,
4) tll being worse if there is no wind or tidal, but you fogot to say that they are better if there is a wind or tidal, thats just plain trade off, and there is more maps with wind/tidal than without
5) drillers have 10m/1000e conversion ratio if there is no better maker available, otherwise they will use the better efficiency, you can spam them freely without worrying about energy leaks
6) t1.5 fusions effi is worse thats true, their advantage is that they cost little energy compared to others (kind of like t1 solar) so you can build them when estalling way faster
7) wind are upsized versions, thats true, they have higher eout/area ratio than t1 which may be an advantage at some point, but we may change it in the future releases (to make it more useful), so point taken
8) we dont plan any increase in progression of economy, it was like that before the eco-overhaul, and it lead to ecowhoring, turtling and supressed combat part of the game

Exciting Game

more model and more perfect!

Wide pass maps match this

Wide pass maps match this mod, but few mods have specialized maps, this is not one of them.
Stop the spam Conrad.

i love this game



I spent literally hours just building units to see what they can do. This is some crazy stuff.

Where are maps for it???

What maps match for this game?