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NOTA huge battles
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Naval warfare in tropical seas
Visit homeplanet of Spacebugs
... and toast them!
Hide in mountaints
Prepare stronghold before winter comes!

File Information

Title / Version NOTA 1.76
License Freeware / Free
Filename nota176.sdz
Filesize 46.24 MB
Date 04/30/2013 - 23:30
Changed 10/12/2013 - 03:56
Publisher / Author PepeAmpere (Uploaded by PepeAmpere)


--- Not OTA v1.76 ---

NOTA is a TA themed mod designed for larger maps with to-scale units, fuel for airplanes, and more.

NOTA features more strategic play, more diversified unit types, and a slower tech/econ development.

NOTA games can be very quick, seeing only t1 units, or very long, ending with the appearance of incredible superweapons.



- LuaAI: Spacebugs - specific scenario enemy, space insect invasion (v1.6)
- LuaAI: N.O.E. - skirmish enemy (v1.76)
- KOTH mode - scenario where players fight for specific territory (v1.6)
- MISSION: TTD - multiplayer mission (v1.69 alpha 05) (map Throne v1 needed)
- MISSION: rom-a03 - multiplayer mission (v1.75 alpha, no storms, no story messages yet) (map RoughShoresV6 needed)

------------ CHANGELOG ---------------------


- modrules - gaia features ONLY are visible without "exploring" them (before: all were seen)
- strange secondary tracks behind small commander (armcom2/corcom2) are history

AIR and Anti-air
- enhancment of Toadfoot - weapon targetting tolerance lowered (3000 -> 500), changed max altitude (220 -> 440), possible button highAlt/lowAlt, (btw sure 0% missfire with HOLD FIRE)
- Samson/Slasher AA missiles damage rethink (Samson 145 -> 3x66 split 0.3, Slasher 145 -> 2x88 split 0.5)
- Slasher's LOS enhanced (+20 %) (400 -> 480) and HP enhanced (+20 %) (650 -> 786)
- AA missile range of Panther lowered (700 -> 650)
+ loopback attack possible for all AAA units (A-fighters, sea A-fighters, AA-fighters, Interceptors), but theres a new widget that select the default behavior for plane
- Black Lily loose 6 bombs (8 -> 2), +100% bigger area effect of bombs (74 -> 150), 400% damage for each bomb to all targets (380 -> 1520)
- Firebat napalm bombs have slower drop (=> bigger area off effect)
- advanced bombers Phoenix/Hurricane becoming carpet bombers - gets +18 bombs (4x, 6 -> 24), but 50% damage for each bomb and energy price of bombers +50 %
- Thunder/Shadow and Phoenix/Hurricane do less damage to medium armor and much lesser to heavy armor (230,230,230 -> 230,184,103 for basic bombers, half for advanced ones)

- crawling bombs buildtime reduced by 40 % (8000 -> 4800 for Invader, 8900 -> 5340 for Roach)
- 150% build range for all commanders (128 -> 192)
- underwater platform added in buildlist of hover constructors for both sides
- again changed the hitsphere of both dragon-teeths (20/20/20 -> 30/20/30)
- Triton is now radar stealth, its energy cost is increased by 33 % (2900 -> 3857) and buildtime increased by 20 % (6112 -> 7334)
- changed hitsphere of Shika
- much smaller hitsphere for ARM Pod, a bit smaller hitspheres for Triton, Grayhound, Bulldog, Reaper, Crock

- radarEmitHeight higher (20 -> 80 for CORE radar, 20 -> 75 for ARM radar)
- all ships LOS and radar emit heights added (all were default 20, now 50 for destroyer class, 70 for cruisers and carriers class, 90 for flagships)
- +33 % for radar range of both electronic war ships Scrambler/Blotter (2500 -> 3325)
- sonar range enhanced +10 % (1276 -> 1400)
- seismic signature for all subs working now (0 -> 2)


+ New chili based Nota UI = gui_chili_nota_ui.lua minimap, selection bar, build/order bar, resource bar
+ Grab Chili Epic menu, Chili tooltip integrate it to NotaUI
+ Add gui_tactical_grid.lua (default OFF)
+ Add cool gui_tactical_select.lua
+ Add cmd_air_loopback_default.lua
+ added notAicon in game (for taskbar)
+ added widget camera_smoothcam.lua (= smooth zoom)
+ added widget map_external_grid.lua (= grid instead of water as background)
+ created new widget gui_radar_view_on.lua that enables radar view at start of the game
+ created cool widget that make formations on gathering points (for units comming from factory)
- widget Factory Auto-Repeat sets repeat on just created factories, not finished ones
- Renamed ui_ron_taunts.lua > api_ron_taunts.lua
- Renamed gui_radar_view_on.lua > map_radar_view_on.lua
- Turn off default RedUI
- Changed unit_healthbars.lua = added fuel bar, remove feature health (slowdowns)
- repaired end-order patrol for clever_gathering_point
- killed anti-spam for game taunts
- fixed LOS and RadarView from start for Specs (OFF for them by default now)
- ON default - unit_improved_metal_maker.lua
- ON default - cmd_fac_holdposition.lua
- ON default - unit_smart_area_reclaim.lua
- ON default - cmd_factory_repeat.lua


- fix - again smaller spheres for planes (14x14) to avoid crawling mine unload bug and not loosing airbus from view
- fix - bombers (spring 94.1, killing "manualBombSettings" parameter), true working bombers, including carpet bombers and flying fortress
- fix - long console content (=> was crash)
- fix - much smaller hitsphere for ARM Pod, a bit smaller hitspheres for Triton, Grayhound, Bulldog, Reaper, Crock
- fix - Grayhound AA gun cannot attack ground now
- fix - added missing commands icons - Jump and Teleport
- fix - noe_sprits.lua (random function in mexes builder)
- fix - huge increase of heatmapping for ships (0.8,200) and small increase of it for tanks (0.2,30)
- fix - collide/avoid friendly unit for ground weapon of CORE tower = false
- fix - spawner fix for game launch without lobby
- fix - floating mexes and metal makers tags (MaxSlope,MaxWaterDepth)
- fix - multiple bombs throwing fixed for Hellfish, Vashp, Flying Wing, Black Lily, Firebat
- fix - a bit buring units in napalm
- fix - tanks reverse (spring 94.1)


+ added "secret" terraform parameter (its executed when game starts, so its hidden for players who have not LOS on that place)
+ added recalculation of metal map for notAmap
+ NOE conditions added (LuaRules/Configs/noe/noe_conditions.lua)
+ NOE events added (LuaRules/Configs/noe/noe_events.lua) and enhancement of its execution
+ NOE actions added (LuaRules/Configs/noe/noe_actions.lua)
+ NOE terraforming added (LuaRules/Configs/noe/noe_terraform.lua)
+ NOE map added - noe_map.lua/map.lua introduced
- mission_data_loader updated for conditions, events, actions and terraforming
- added "spawLessPlayersDontSpawn" in spawnEdit library - function, that in mission looks at all planed spawns and if some slot for player is not used -> those spawns are not executed
- setting amount of resources for all games with NOE in unit_noe.lua/noe_side.lua and mission settings.lua
- fix - loader bad debug condition
- new conditions in conditions library
+ widget "mission editor" that generates the code for noe use+ NOE tasks added - noe_tasks.lua/tasks.lua and task table to describe groups mission tasks
+ all groupDefinitions have now own default values
+ new groupDef parameters - "factories", "taskName"
- huge fixes and in group changer
+ missionInfo, missionKnowledge, etc.. introduced
+ initGroup structure introduced
- BigMove - dependant groups use rotation of their leaders now
- activity checking in RunSpirits function (spirits of not active groups are not executed, override notSleeper)
! fix of those bloody unit counters! :) (pepe is noob)
- fix for GetPositionOfGroup(groupID)
+++++ MANY MANY plans, spririts, conditions, events, actions added (tens of such things)


- jamming effect of dust cloud of Dust Bug lowered (1400 -> 400)


- all working missions equiped with conditions, events and actions files
- fix all .ini map setting (SpecMapName -> MapName) to be coherent with Nota :: Lobby
- fixed when mission doesnt have specified start resources (aiDefs/side.lua)

MISSION: rom-a03
+ full trigger map made
+ transport paths completed
+ air attacks
+ gadget checkers for transports added
+ first random taunt reactions added
+ tank raiders!
+ airdrops!
+ combined airstrikes!

more info on forum page -


new NOTA trailer

Theres a new trailer for NOTA made by the PowMasterZH


Have you tried it, really? I just saw your vashps spams in last game ;)

Zero's point

Oh and new airfight so bloody hot!


I luv da shipz!



Best mod ever!