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Balanced Annihilation
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File Information

Title / Version Balanced Annihilation 7.60
License Freeware / Free
Filename ba760.sdz
Filesize 20.86 MB
Date 09/10/2011 - 19:41
Changed 09/10/2011 - 20:03
Publisher / Author TheFatController (Uploaded by TheFatController)


Forum Thread:

7.50 -> 7.60

- Fixed CORE Dragon Eye having ARM logo on it
- Units that couldn't previously can now hit a closed packO
- Energy converter now uses correct efficiencies and capacities from BA 7.31
- MetalMakers now open/close depending on whether they're in use again
- Improved and optimized/beautified all construction unit animation scripts
- Fix for coop players starting on the same position
- Fixed bombers commandfire weapon tag for .83 compatibility
- Added new game end condition gadget for .83
- Fixed Core DDM animation, collision volume and optimized model
- Updated dynamic collision volume gadget
- Added more custom collision volumes

- Added modoption to toggle whether start resources belong to the team or the commander (default: team)
- Teams that die in FFA mode before 2 minutes get killed without leaving wrecks
- Enemy Transporting mod option now defaults to 'Disallow All' (previously All But Commander)
- Air Comblast Full Damage modoption now defaults to 'false'

- Fixed submarines not being able to hit some t1 ships by expanding hitspheres
- Sea pathing improved by reducing footprint of smaller boats (only minimal unit overlap) and removing turninplace for smaller boats
- Dragon Eyes can now float on water
- Added amphibious to description of units lacking them
- Arm & Core Cruiser close-range deck lasers damage per shot increased (60->110)

- Arm & Core T1 Missile trucks dps vs air increased 20%
- Arm & Core T1 Missile trucks airsightdistance 800 added

- Arm Maverick accuracy vs moving targets increased
- Arm Fido buildtime reduced 10%, 'On' weapon AOE increased a little
- Arm Zeus weapon now does 50% splash damage to up to 2 nearby units
- Core Freaker can now build T1 Construction Ships & Destroyers
- Core Commando mine placing script improved
- Core Can HP increased (4350->4850)
- Core Sumo EMP resistance added (0%->50%)

- Arm Consul can now build T1 Construction Ships & Destroyers
- Arm Bulldog weapon damage increased (240->270), turret aim speed increased a little
- Core Reaper weapon damage increased (97->109), turret aim speed increased a little
- Core Diplomat missile damage increased 20%
- Arm Merl missile damage increased 20%

- Arm Banshee special damage vs commanders raised (3->5) (default damage is 9)
- Core Hurricane bomb damage increased (283->337)
- Arm Phoenix bomb damage increased (210->250)
- Arm & Core Advanced construction aircraft workertimes raised (130->170)
- Arm Brawler hp increased (1400->1600)
- Core Rapier hp increased (1150->1400)
- Core Krow hp reduced (17500->15000)
- Arm Blade hp increased (2675->2700)
- Arm Dragonfly EMP damage per beam raised (15000->22500)

- Fighter HP reverted to 7.31 levels
- Fighter special lower damage vs gunships removed
- Fighter vs Fighter damage increased
- Fighter airsightdistance increased
- Hawk/Vamp reload times increased
- EnergyMake/EnergyUse & Idle Autoheal removed from fighters

- Arm Dragons Claw weapon now does ~33% splash damage to up to 2 nearby units
- Core Double llt top laser range increased (435->475), special damage vs commanders reduced (140->100)
- Core Double llt bottom laser range reduced (435->400)
- Core Double llt Energycost increased (1467->1617), sightdistance increased (455->475)
- Fixed missing Active/Passive switch on Minelayers
- Building mines doesn't level terrain beneath them

- Arm Annihilatior weapon max damage increased from 9000 to 12000
- Core Doomsday machine small red laser now in a burst of 2 shots per round

- Core LRPC (Intimidator) range increased (4000->4950)
- Core LRPC (Intimidator) reload increased ~20%
- Core LRPC (Intimidator) heightboost factor reduced (6)
- Arm LRPC (Bertha) range increased (4000->4650)
- Arm LRPC (Bertha) reload increased ~20%
- Arm LRPC (Bertha) heightboost factor reduced (8)
- Core Buzzsaw metalcost increased
- Core Buzzsaw damage per shot reduced
- Core Buzzsaw death explosion made much larger
- Arm Vulcan metalcost increased
- Arm Vulcan damage per shot reduced
- Arm Vulcan death explosion made much larger
- Arm EMP Silo range increased (4000->4500)

- Increased plasma deflector coverage (400-500)
- Increased plasma deflector max power (7500->12500)
- Decreased plasma deflector charge speed (150->100)
- Added some initial charge to plasma deflector once built (2000)

- Arm & Core Advanced fusion buildtimes raised 40%
- Arm & Core Advanced Kbot labs workertime increased (200->300)
- Arm & Core Advanced Vehicle plants workertime increased (200->300)
- Arm & Core Advanced Shipyards workertime increased (200->400)
- Arm & Core Targeting facilites energy to run cost reduced (150->100)

- Juno energy per shot reduced (16000->12000), new unit effects added

- Arm & Core Stationary Anti-Nukes energycost increased (28000->40000) (was ~60k prior to BA 7.4)
- Arm & Core Stationary Anti-Nukes buildtime increased (28000->60000) (was ~95k prior to BA 7.4)
- Arm & Core (Ground Based) Mobile Anti Nukes costs reduced ~20%
- Arm & Core (Ground Based) Mobile Anti Nukes coverage reduced (2000->1600)

- Arm Bantha EMP resistance reduced (100%->50%)
- Arm Maurauder hp raised (4000->4200)
- Arm Razorback hp raised (11500->12000)
- Core Juggernaut laser dps increased
- Core Krogoth kick AE made a bit larger


it still prints

it still prints lua-errors:

[f=0014699] Error: LuaRules::RunCallIn: error = 2, RecvFromSynced, [string "LuaRules/Gadgets/unit_los_only_sounds.lua"]:67: bad argument #1 to 'tonumber' (value expected)