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Spring: 1944 equilibrio
This is a mutator based on Spring 1944 Overlord V2.0 + added scoutcars, M36 Tankdestroyer, Me262 + more balance AIR vs ground + more boat balance + some bugfixes +v2.09 + added new M36 model + nerf...
11 downloads 2016-02-08
Balanced Annihilation
9.31 -> 9.32 06/02/2016 Balance changes: - Ground "Anti-Nuke System" energy cost reduced by 10% - Arm & Core Advanced fusion buildtimes raised ~ 15% - Corpses of some t1 vehicle and kbots are...
66 downloads 2016-02-06
Metal Factions
Far into the future, different factions fight throughout the galaxy for control of resources using armies of advanced machines... "Metal Factions" is a game for the spring engine with four original...
66 downloads 2016-01-17
18/12/2015 Noruas and Jools New: * New Faction: The Lost Legacy by Noruas. Available as modoption with choose commander widget. * Preview of new faction: The Guardians of Kadesh, also by Noruas....
129 downloads 2015-12-18
Spring: 1944
Spring 1944 is an awesome RTS taking place in late WW2 on a massive scale with authentic infantry, support vehicles, mobile emplacements, tanks, airplanes and even ships plus more to chose from, each...
325 downloads 2015-12-08
Spring 1944 Mutator
a Mutator based on spring 1944 V2.0 v1.99 - reduced range of germal by 10%, germal is 25% more expensive - fighter planes dont chase ground units on themselfes anymore, small yak9 ruder buff - fiat...
14 downloads 2015-12-06
BA Chicken Defense
3.16 -> 3.17 21/11/2015 - Updated to BA 9.19
75 downloads 2015-11-22
spring 1944 mod
made a quick update mainly because turn rates: --> scraped my 1st turnrate change, new turn rate of armour is much slower. forgot mention this has tweaked of anti air, a few new units, costs changes...
40 downloads 2015-10-20