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Strategic Annihilation Test
The second version of: In this version I have added air abilities to the commander and combat engineers. Still yet to adress the naval...
8 downloads 2016-06-25
ZK Singu Mode Test
1 downloads 2016-06-23
Spring: 1944 equilibrio
This is a mutator based on Spring 1944 Overlord V2.0 + added scoutcars, M36 Tankdestroyer, Me262 + more balance AIR vs ground + more boat balance + some bugfixes
27 downloads 2016-05-28
A RTS game created for a game development contest, which was hosted by the website managers and partners. In this game units do not cause damage, but can be destroyed by pushing them off...
31 downloads 2016-04-14
Metal Factions
Far into the future, different factions fight throughout the galaxy for control of resources using armies of advanced machines... "Metal Factions" is a game for the spring engine with four original...
177 downloads 2016-03-13
Balanced Annihilation
REQUIRES: SPRING ENGINE v101 9.33 -> 9.35 05/03/2016 Balance changes: - Bladewings are ~10% slower Other: - new widget: "BA cmdcolors", disable to load engine defaults - Unit Stats: based on recent...
1,029 downloads 2016-03-05
Geo Wars v1
18 downloads 2016-03-03
18/12/2015 Noruas and Jools New: * New Faction: The Lost Legacy by Noruas. Available as modoption with choose commander widget. * Preview of new faction: The Guardians of Kadesh, also by Noruas....
249 downloads 2015-12-18
Spring: 1944
Spring 1944 is an awesome RTS taking place in late WW2 on a massive scale with authentic infantry, support vehicles, mobile emplacements, tanks, airplanes and even ships plus more to chose from, each...
643 downloads 2015-12-08
Spring 1944 Mutator
a Mutator based on spring 1944 V2.0 v1.99 - reduced range of germal by 10%, germal is 25% more expensive - fighter planes dont chase ground units on themselfes anymore, small yak9 ruder buff - fiat...
33 downloads 2015-12-06