Spring Engine


Large battles, supporting up to 5000 units per player
Unlimited resources and very large scale maps
Ability to control units in FPS mode
Several 3D camera modes with complete freedom in movement
Extensible with thousands of maps, mods and missions and opponents
3D air battles
Detailed and deformable terrain
Large internet multiplayer battles (max 32 players)
Large community to give you support
Realistic simulation of projectiles and explosions


In case you use Windows, first download the Spring Engine or if you use Linux you can follow the Installation manual here.
To play a single player game you will need to download one of the maps and a game found in the menu on the left.
Start the game, select an AI and select the map and game you've downloaded. 

To get all the power of the Spring Engine and to be able to play online multiplayer games you will also need a lobby client.
You can find them in the menu under "lobby clients" or in this list


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